Holistic treatment with 3-healing

3-Healing® is a new form of spiritual healing developed by us, Carolin and Alexander Toskar. 

It provides a path towards spiritual health and towards a holistically orientated humanity. To spiritual health and solution of everyday issues. And to promote mental, emotional and physical health


3-Healing - the book

Principles for Spiritual Health in Everyday Life


With this book, you will have the opportunity to practice techniques that can help you achieve inner balance and strength. Each one of the practical applications in the book support the process, that gradually manifests itself in the cells and organs of the physical body, as well as in thoughts, emotions and in improved living conditions. 


,'A book worth reading, with inspiring and spirited thoughts - inclusive of helpful, hardly time-consuming practises, which have as their goal to realign, strengthen and foster the connection of the physical, mental and spiritual with the 'Highest Principle' - a well worth read!'

- Reiki Magazine -


3-Healing® energy cards

Complementary set to the book Practical applications of laying on of hands with energy cards to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and to strengthen the self-healing powers.


3-Healing® workshop

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice techniques that can help you achieve inner balance and strength. 3-Healing is for anyone who is looking for physical, emotional and mental balance. This method draws on universal principles of healing that can be utilized in daily life.


Various self-help and meditation techniques are taught in this workshop. These techniques provide you with simple ways to improve the way you treat others as well as develop your potential for self-healing and self-support.


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Principles for Spiritual Healing in Everyday Life
By Carolin and Alexander Toskar


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