Alexander Toskar

Alexander has been engaged with miscellaneous ways of spiritual healing and traditions since early childhood. As one of the first he experienced the Divine Straightening through his father.

The wish for spirituality never diminished, even when Alexander was successfully working as a designer. During this time, due to life circumstances, he made several long trips to India. There he received the clear vision and message to correct his life and to dedicate his whole strength to the service of others and the healing work.


Alexander continues the healing work of his father and present it in writing, for the first time, through the book 'Divine Straightening'. He gives healing treatments and deliver lectures worldwide.

Together with Carolin, he leads spiritual centres in Germany and Switzerland, where they accompany people on their path to health and contentment. Through regular trips to Europe, Asia and the United States, they make this beneficial healing work accessible to a wide public.


In 2010 Alexander and Carolin have established the Spiritual Health Foundation. The foundation follows the mission to support the development of spiritual health and well-being of children and dependent people.