Heart-Chakra Meditation

Anahata: Heart-Chakra

Position: centre of the chest, between the shoulder blades, at the level of the heart
Basic principle: universal love; compassion, humanity, individuality
Physical assignment: heart, lungs, upper back, blood, skin
Gland: thymus; it regulates growth and controls the lymphatic system. In addition, it has the task to stimulate and strengthen the immune system.
Psychological function: emotional centre, empathy for other people, openness to life. (Will centre) self-will to health
Balance: compassion, selfless love
Imbalance: sadness, indolence, laziness, self-love
Colour: green

The Heart-Chakra is the centre between humanity and the unconditional love of God

It absorbs divine love, transforms it and expresses it. ‘Acting from the heart’ or ‘giving from the heart’ indicates an energetic relationship between heart and hands. Connected with the Heart-Centre, healing power from the universe can flow through our hands, by way of both hand-chakras.

If the Heart-Chakra is blocked, emotional complaints and heart diseases can arise. However, if we integrate love and gratitude into our daily life, with help of meditation, our Heart-Centre is activated and can be healed.

The Heart-Chakra as the mediator between body and mind, therefore its held in special awareness with our healing treatments and at our healer training »

Sequence of Heart-Chakra Meditation

  • Place the palm of your right hand on the heart chakra
  • Place your left hand on the thymus gland, above the heart centre
  • Breathe in LIGHT
  • Concentrate the light in you, inside you
  • Exhale LIGHT
  • Radiate it into the Heart-Chakra
  • Repeat this as often as you wish
  • Peace and harmony in your heart are strengthened
  • Release your hands and place them on your thighs
  • Afterwards, stay in meditative silence

Harmonisation of all Chakras with the Heart-Chakra

The heart centre is one of the most important Chakras in the healing process. The healing process uses the heart to transform energies of earth frequency into spiritual energies; whilst spiritual energies are utilised for the physical, as only then will the recipient benefit.

This meditation harmonises the Chakras with the Heart-Chakra from top to tail, by placing one hand on the Heart-Chakra, and the other hand successively on the three Chakras above, after which you put the hand on the Chakras below the heart centre.

  • The Heart-Chakra gives you strength and holds everything in Love
  • The Crown-Chakra gives you inner peace, and the feeling of wholeness, connected with the entire universe
  • The Brow-Chakra encourages your concentration, intuition and clarity
  • The Throat-Chakra lets you achieve your goals, according to your divine life-plan
  • The Solar-Plexus is the energy centre for your own health
  • The Sacral-Chakra regulates your sensory system and feelings
  • The Root-Chakra gives you inner-outer stability and is the seat of willpower

Sequence of the extended Heart-Chakra Meditation

  • Put one hand on the Heart-Chakra and the other on the Crown-Chakra
  • Calmly breathe in and out
  • When you have harmonised the Crown-Chakra, repeat the same with the Brow- Chakra and then the Throat-Chakra
  • Then you harmonise the Solar-Plexus, the Sacral-Chakra and the Root-Chakra with the Heart-Chakra
  • Release your hands and place them on your thighs
  • Afterwards, stay in meditative silence

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