Healing sessions in London

Carolin and Alexander Toskar


· Private introduction in London

· Divine Straightening or followed up

· 3-Healing® and Spiritual Alchemy

· Linkage of healing powers

· Instructions to healing meditations for everyday life



Follow up spiritual healing

3-Healing® treatment in cases of chronic complaints, mental, emotional encumbrances and in acute situations on request. With activation of the self-healing potential.


Spiritual Eye Treatment

Follow up treatment to strengthen and activate the physical and intuitive vision.


Healing Session

Sessions in the morning or the afternoon.


To schedule your appointment with Carolin and Alexander Toskar, 

contact our office manager Cornelia.



Are they just pulling my leg?

Metro UK, Body Matters. By Helen Croydon 




I had the most extraordinary session, I was standing there with my eyes closed and I could literally feel the energy running down the whole of my spine… It's 2 years later now and I have not been back at an Osteopath, I haven’t had any pain.
- Sara Davenport, founder of Breast Cancer Haven, London -
I had my personal experience with the Straightening and there was an immediate straightening and evening of my legs.
- Rev. Michael Beckwith, Agape, Los Angeles -
This burst of energy seems to have ‘xed’ my bendy spine… I like to maintain that I am a rational sceptic but the next day any red eczema traces around my eyes were gone.
- Helen Croydon, author, journalist and broadcaster, London -

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Divine Straightening
By Alexander Toskar


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 Health as a Path

By Carolin and Alexander Toskar


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Disclaimer: The healer is neither practitioner nor naturopath. Divine Straightening is not work in a medical sense, but a spiritual process. The healer does not make any healing promises. The spiritual treatment does not replace a medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness or any suspect of disease. The attendance is voluntary.