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Divine Straightening
New Dimensions in Spiritual Healing

By Alexander Toskar




'The book has been written in a lively manner – gives positive energy and along the way introduces us to some major areas of energy healing and conscious ways of living. Worth reading!'

Reiki Magazine 


Principles for Spiritual Healing in Everyday Life
By Carolin and Alexander Toskar


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3-Healing cards


,'A book worth reading, with inspiring and spirited thoughts - inclusive of helpful, hardly time-consuming practises, which have as their goal to realign, strengthen and foster the connection of the physical, mental and spiritual with the 'Highest Principle' - a well worth read!'

- Reiki Magazine -

Health as a Path 

A guidebook for spiritual healing

By Carolin and Alexander Toskar



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‚A book for daily practise and against minor complaints that is appealing and highly spiritual. It is well done and gives many impulses to stimulate the selfhealing powers.‘ - Yoga! Das Magazin, Switzerland

Réalignement Spirituel

Alexander Toskar 

De nouvelles dimensions dans la guérison spirituelle.




Un chef-d’œuvre unique sur les lois de la guérison spirituelle et un merveilleux guide pour être en bonne santé mentale et physique !



Духовное Выравнивание

Александр Тоскарь

Новое измерение духовного целительства

Духовный целитель Пётр Элькунович 




Увлекательная книга «на пульсе времени» в области целительства! 

- Журнал Reiki Magazin - 


Realineamiento Espiritual

Realineamiento Espiritual. Una nueva dimensión de la sanación espiritual.

Alexander Toskar



Divine Straightening. DVD


'The fascinating documentary shows the details of the healing work and explains the background. 

Exciting, touching, healthful !' 

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3-Healing Meditations for Everyday Life. CD


Spoken and energetically programmed healing exercises by Carolin & Alexander. With chakra music by Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe.

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Riallineamento Spirituele

Nuove dimensioni della guarigione spirituale.

Alexander Toskar



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'Sciogliere i blocchi energetici per stimolare i processi di rigenerazione e autoguarigione Nuova edizione ampliata!' Edizioni il Punto d'Incontro

I tre principi della guarigione

Carolin e Alexander Toskar




'I tre principi della guarigione è una nuova forma di lavoro energetico. Le meditazioni e gli esercizi permettono di entrare sempre più in uno stato di connessione, equilibrio e armonia. ' 

Edizioni il Punto d'Incontro