Your treatment online

The healing treatment online is equal and effective as the treatment in our healing center. Spiritual healing works beyond space and time. The transmitted energy through Alexander thus reaches people everywhere. It works on the body, soul and spirit of the person and into his issues.


Incl.: distant treatment (offline) the following week


Healing sessions by arrangement.

In the morning or in the afternoon for Europe

In the evening for Australia, USA


Treatment sequence

· Divine Straightening® session (or follow-up session)

· 3-Healing® for body-heart-mind

· Spiritual Alchemy

· Activation of healing energy and personal healing card

· Instructions to healing meditations for everyday life


Duration (via Skype or FaceTime) 40 min

Incl.: distant treatment (offline) the following week


Follow up treatment with 3-Healing

In cases of chronic complaints, mental, emotional encumbrances and in acute situations on request. As a holistic harmonization of body and everyday life. With activation of the self-healing potential. On request, spiritual eye treatment to support and activate the physical and intuitive vision.




You will be guided through the following steps:

1) enter your details, enter 'Skype Name' or 'FaceTime' in the 'customer number' field

2) let us know your preferred date, day and you rlocal time, as well as an alternative date


session online

treatment online

150,00 €

Healing sessions online

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