Divine Straightening works!

By Alexandra Wenman, Prediction Magazine


Alexander and Carolin Tosker can align your spine and balance your spirit with this amazing technique Last weekend, I went along to try an incredible healing technique called Divine Straightening, which claims to straighten your spine and balance and realign the chakras and meridians of the body at the same time. The Divine Straightening healing system is performed by Alexander Toskar, who learnt the technique from his Russian father - also a healer. I had heard great things about Divine Straightening after friends of mine had experienced it at last year's Mind Body Spirit Festival. At first I was a little sceptical, but, let me tell you, it works!

Here's the absolute proof... This is a picture of the difference in my own leg length in the before and after pictures of my recent treatment in London (though, I don't know why they didn't just take my socks off...):


There's no trick photography, no physical manipulation and no tricks. Alexander Toskar performs the treatment using an energy healing technique. First, he checks to see if there is a difference in leg length and checks for any curvatures of the spine and then the client is asked to lie down on a table, where Alexander then channels the energy into the client.


* The energy transmition itself takes mere seconds and the results are instantaneous! *


But even more than witnessing the physical aspects of this amazing technique, I came away feeling totally energised and harmonised. I literally felt like I was glowing - and when I looked in the mirror afterwards, I was!


After the actual straightening is performed, more healing energy is administered before Alexander shows you a self-healing technique to take away with you. Alexander and Carolin are two of the lovliest and most humble people I have met. They are totally dedicated to healing the world and increasing awareness of Spirit.


They now travel world sharing and demonstrating this life-changing technique and have now founded a trust dedicated to the development of spiritual healing and education for everyone. You can read more about Carolin and Alexander and Divine Straightening in their book, available in several languages, which explains the benefits of this miraculous healing system.


Click here for more information about their book. EXPERIENCE DIVINE STRAIGHTENING!!


- Prediction Magazine UK, March 2010 -


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Disclaimer: The healer is neither practitioner nor naturopath. Divine Straightening is not work in a medical sense, but a spiritual process. The healer does not make any healing promises. The spiritual treatment does not replace a medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness or any suspect of disease. The attendance is voluntary.

In English-speaking countries, Divine Straightening is also known under the term Spiritual Realignment. Both expressions have been founded and developed originally by Carolin and Alexander Toskar.