About Carolin Toskar

Spiritual Healer - Spiritual Teacher

Healer and Teacher of Divine Straightening

Carolin experienced a fascination for healing and healing-modalities of other cultures already during her pharmaceutical studies and research visits in Australia. She was employed by a leading international company for seven years, as a medical-scientific consultant and trainer for personality development in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Carolin deepens her own spiritual development through regular training and trips to the great Masters and Yogis of India. The deep impression received during her own Divine Straightening in 2003, and the spiritual healer training, strengthened the wish in her, to further help people far and wide.

Carolin has been actively working together with Alexander since 2004, in the understanding that health, vitality and well-being are inherent in every person, and therefore activatable. Carolin conveys knowledge about healing, with great vitality and inner joy, in her lectures and seminars, as well as author of the books Health as a Path and 3-Healing.