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Divine Straightening works!

By Alexandra Wenman, Prediction Magazine


Alexander and Carolin Tosker can align your spine and balance your spirit with this amazing technique Last weekend, I went along to try an incredible healing technique called Divine Straightening, which claims to straighten your spine and balance and realign the chakras and meridians of the body at the same time. The Divine Straightening healing system is performed by Alexander Toskar, who learnt the technique from his Russian father - also a healer. I had heard great things about Divine Straightening after friends of mine had experienced it at last year's Mind Body Spirit Festival. At first I was a little sceptical, but, let me tell you, it works!


Here's the absolute proof... This is a picture of the difference in my own leg length in the before and after pictures of my recent treatment in London (though, I don't know why they didn't just take my socks off...):


There's no trick photography, no physical manipulation and no tricks. Alexander Toskar performs the treatment using an energy healing technique. First, he checks to see if there is a difference in leg length and checks for any curvatures of the spine and then the client is asked to lie down on a table, where Alexander then channels the energy into the client.


* The energy transmition itself takes mere seconds and the results are instantaneous! *


But even more than witnessing the physical aspects of this amazing technique, I came away feeling totally energised and harmonised. I literally felt like I was glowing - and when I looked in the mirror afterwards, I was!


After the actual straightening is performed, more healing energy is administered before Alexander shows you a self-healing technique to take away with you. Alexander and Carolin are two of the lovliest and most humble people I have met. They are totally dedicated to healing the world and increasing awareness of Spirit.


They now travel world sharing and demonstrating this life-changing technique and have now founded a trust dedicated to the development of spiritual healing and education for everyone. You can read more about Carolin and Alexander and Divine Straightening in their book, available in several languages, which explains the benefits of this miraculous healing system.


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Here’s my story

I asked Alexander and Carolin if I can have my testimonial posted on their website because I experienced a miracle. When something so profound, happens it can only be a miracle even though they can explain it!  I still, near a month later, don’t know what they’ve done to me.  What I do know is that I am out of pain, I’m not sad anymore, and I’m not tired. I am able to practice yoga and Pilates with more strength and flexibility and  sleep on my stomach for the first time since I was a little girl.  I am so grateful!!!

By Dr. Varshini Soobiah, Los Angeles


I have had back problems rooted in scoliosis.  A few major accidents later I was in chronic pain.  I have avidly pursued finding relief  trying NCR, chiropractic therapy, healers to yoga and Pilates with specialists.  Nothing fixed my problems and although some treatments relieved the pain temporarily, for a day, the next days were worse as my back bent into the wrong way again.  This last year has, by far, been the worst!!!  My shoulders started hunching forward and my hands were in excruciating pain so much so that I couldn’t open bottles of water, jars or shake people’s hands.  I felt like I broke two fingers and was desperate to find help without doing surgery.


I receive so many emails in a day and skip most of them unless I’m expecting to receive something.  I get quite a few emails from a local bookstore I love, but stopped reading them over a year ago and redirected them to spam mail.  On a Thursday I oddly opened one and scrolled right to the bottom to read a sentence about Divine Straightening.  I looked at the time and realized I was late for an appointment so I couldn’t research it, although it intrigued me.  I replied to the email asking for more information. Two days later, Saturday, morning I received a response at 11:30am saying the lecture and healing will take place that same day from 8am through noon.  So I had ½ hour to get there and learn what it is.  I arrived at noon, the lecture was over and they were running late treating people individually.  I couldn’t speak to them because they were having one on one sessions in a private room.  I waited my turn, I felt shy and embarrassed that I missed the lecture and didn’t want to disturb anyone, I can be a bit of an introvert at times.  I waited my turn.  Carolin introduced herself to me and said I was next she had me face my back to her and immediately pointed out the scoliosis, shoulder and neck problems and said her husband will take over.  Then I met Alexander.  He is a very calm and gentle natured man.  I wanted to ask him so many questions but I felt it wasn’t fair that they did their part and I was late so how selfish of me to stand there and hold them up even further to ask for a private lecture of who they are and what they do!   I instantly trusted him.  He asked me to turn my back to him while I was standing.  He told me where my back was crooked and again my shoulders were hunched in, as well as the visually obvious curve in my neck.  He asked me to lay face up on his table and he drew a line across my ankles.  He asked me to lean up and look at the marked line.  The difference of leg lengths was 0.8 inches (2 cm) and I wasn’t surprised!  He asked me to close my eyes and literally five seconds later he asked me to look at my feet again.  Of course in my mind I’m thinking he didn’t do anything, but when I looked at my feet they were even!!!  I felt nothing!  No pain and no amazing feeling of good, NOTHING!  I couldn’t believe it.  I stood up and again I felt nothing different.  I reached for the back of my neck where a vertebrae literally sticks out and it was aligned! The next 2-3 days I experienced knee, shoulder and lower back pain.  Nothing like the “normal” pain I used to experience.  But I could feel my body adjusting to the adjustment.  By the third day the pain and discomfort altogether went away.  That same Saturday of my healing for the first time since I was a little girl I slept on my stomach without props, or pain.  I don’t know what he did.  I do my part by practicing the chakra harmonization daily.  Other than that I have so much energy and love to exercise noticing a significant difference in flexibility and strength.  I am learning yoga again because I have been doing my asanas wrong to accommodate the scoliosis that no longer is.  I wake up everyday and the first thing I do is look at my feet to see if it’s still even.  I am still in awe over this.  I don’t quite know what to make of what’s happened.   I have the book now and I’m going to read it to figure out what they’ve done to me.  


Maybe not everyone can have the results I have.  Maybe your results can be even better than me, but I promise you one thing;  I believed I would find my way out of pain somehow.  I didn’t even know what I was walking into.  I still don’t.  But I’m out of pain.  I opened the email and went to the one relevant sentence that supported my belief system that I would be healed.  If anyone suffers from pain then you know that its depressing, discouraging, sometimes you feel you’d rather die than go through a life living with the pain as it gets worse.  As a woman who wants to have children one day I felt I wouldn’t be a good mother because I’m always in pain, what would pregnancy be like for me… I didn’t even realize how much pain I was in until I was out of pain.  It snowballs on the body and as it gets worse you tolerate it because there’s no other option.  


None of my friends have heard about this!  How can this be?!?!  Everyone should have an opportunity to be healed of the things we can’t heal ourselves.  Someone or something brought you this far.  You are now closer than I was when I leaped on faith.  Try it yourself, there are few miracles that touch our lives and affect us so deeply.  This one could be yours too.


Now, I knew I had one leg longer that the other and this was affecting my Lower Back and Neck. In fact I had been experiencing enormous pain.


I have been doing a strong dance practice since 2000 and I feel this had put a lot of compacting pressure in my spine. This pain had driven me to look for help ; I had spent a lot of money over the yrs. with Chiropractors and Osteopaths, I use an inversion table sometimes and eventually 2007 found Kieser Training - a gym in Camden London that specializes in rebalancing and strengthening muscular imbalances (with "med x" machines). The relief was great at Kieser and so much so that  I trained to be an Instructor there and work there now. However I still had one leg longer than the other! and I knew this needed to change! 


Then I met Caroline and Alexander.  They said "Divine Straightening" could change my situation. I was amazed I said id think about it. The next day I had the treatment and … it worked in a second! I was told I had a scoliotic pelvis (not uncommon) and this was affecting Leg length and shoulders tilting, I also have an overly straight upper back. At the beginning of the treatment Caroline assessed my spine and shoulders. Then I sat on the treatment table. Alexander pointed out and marked the difference in my leg length (1.5 cm). Then ok are you ready for the divine straightening? He asked. Yep suppose so I said.


When I sat up one moment later thinking "this is weird" and there it was - my legs the same length! So, how do you like that? You have a new order now. As I lay back down he put his hands on my head for a few minutes - it was nice, I felt warmth in my heart area. My legs have been the same length since. 


Walking away with their book I felt a little different, I had some old memory surface to my consciousness later and tears of love, which all felt good. My excersizes felt different at the gym I work at and the cronic lower back pain was gone. I do get a little pain in my LB around my period sometimes however it is nothing  what I was experiencing before my Divine Straightening.

I also heard many peoples experiences and they were all wonderful and personal. A friend of mine had a 2 cm leg length difference and showed us that she could now touch her toes, another woman was in a wheel chair and later on had it confirmed by a chiropractor that her spine was straighter.

- Vidya, London -

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