Activate self-healing powers

Self-healing through the power of thoughts

Every person has the power of healing and self-healing, as an innate capacity. Self- healing is not a miracle but a natural process in the relationship between the body and the infinite power of spirit.


Self-healing starts when the stimulated healing life-current is active, and permeates cells, organs and the mind. The current is called Chi, Prana, or breath. Anything that activates this life-stream makes us more responsive and is essential for our health and vitality. In this context we speak of an internal doctor. The healing impulses come from outside, but the real healing happens inside, through the human being.


Stress, trauma and negative thought patterns crystallised as belief patterns, weaken the flow of life. The beliefs that are most difficult to detect, are those most influential in us. As they are outside our conscious grasp, they cannot be examined. Stress starts in the head; its intensity depends on how we evaluate situations. Persistent and damning stress weakens our immune system, and not only triggers physical illnesses, but also harms the soul.

Dissolve energy blockages

Energy blockages therefore are often at the start of a spiritual chain of thematic causes that exhibit exhaustion, physical complaints or are perceived as stagnation in life. Divine Straightening (Spiritual Realignment) liberates these damning patterns and blockages, thus freeing the life-force once more.


It is advantages for everyone to make an effort after Divine Straightening to contribute to furthering the strength of their own self-healing powers. Many people have found this much easier after their treatment, as the newly found wellbeing in the body-soul- spirit system gives more confidence and hope, enabling a far more positive outlook towards life as a whole.


Fundamental to self-healing is a healthy thought and feeling pattern, together with sufficient physical activity, light nutrition and correct breathing. As with a tree, the body becomes the roots through which we take-in physical nourishment. The head corresponds to the leaves and fruit, that is, the thoughts and spiritual nourishment that we receive. Correct breathing can be likened to the channels in the tree trunk, through which the sap of life circulates fittingly, between roots and treetop.

‘Everything we think now, fulfils itself’

Thinking positively is central and proven to stimulate essential power in self-healing. We think about 50,000 thoughts every day. Sadly, we tend to invite far more negatively destructive thoughts, then positive ones. This is fatal, as thoughts control our behaviour, create our reality and spill over to our environment. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi knew ‘as we think now, fulfils itself’. Thoughts not only play in our head, but, they take-on shape, colour and weight. Everything we think about, affects our feelings, body functions, organs and cells, as well as creates our actions. In addition, thought-forms are send-out 24/7, which according to the law of resonance, returns precisely as first thought, initially only imagined, before its materialisation.


With conscious control of the power of thought and spirit, we affect matter and thus also the state of our body. ‘Everything is spirit,’ says the universal law of spirituality. Also matter is of spiritual origin, and can consequently be changed by spirit.

Essential methods of energy work

The variety of energy-work requires, in each case, slightly different tools and techniques. On the whole, they all aim to heighten the subtle energy-flow in the body. Many ancient cultures recognised the power of inner energy-dynamics and forces, and deployed a variety of methods to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.


The following depicts some of the most popular methods:


The understanding of Meridians (channels of energy throughout the body) contributed to the development of acupuncture through traditional Chinese Medicine. Small needles are used to stimulate the flow of energy in the body.

Chakra healing

The seven chakras (subtle energy centres of the body) were first seen recorded in ancient Hindu texts. These centres can be activated and enhanced by the laying-on of hands.


A Japanese tradition of energy work, dating back to the early 20th Century.


This practice aims to release blockages, so to foster well-being by way of stimulating pressure points on the feet, hands and ears.

Crystal Healing

High frequency vibrational crystals have healing properties in that they can help purify, clarify and elevate the human energy field. This healing art was used for energy work throughout, and in all cultures.

Sound healing

Sound moves the soul and penetrate deeply into the mind and body, invigorating all energy bodies, whereby its natural functioning settles into a wholesome rhythm, leading to a feeling of unity and oneness.


Energy work is not like general medical practice, but is a spiritual process. No healing promises are made and no diagnoses given. So, in cases of suspected or actual mental or physical illness, energy work does not replace medical procedure.

Spiritual healing and energy work from our viewpoint

In our publications and seminars we differentiate between spiritual healing and energy work, whilst, at the same time, we offer both modalities.


Spiritual healing is the profile of the healing work with which we go public, namely Spiritual Realignment (Divine Straightening) and spiritual healing that also includes distant healing, and healing of the mind. We teach spiritual healing at our seminars for your own usage and for others, as well as for spiritual unfoldment.


We also teach varied forms of energy work at our Healing Days on site, as well as online, to promote.

Self-Healing in daily life

Practical exercises for the promotion of methods to Heal Thyself


For this purpose, we developed practical exercises:

  • Healing meditations
  • Chakra enactment
  • Breathing exercises (energy breathing and more)
  • Eye exercises
  • Harmonise head, heart and solar plexus
  • To revoke the senses
  • Healing through lived spirituality
  • Chanting

Activation of self-healing


Breathing has important mediating functions in relation to inside and outside. We recommend conscious breathing exercises to unite breath with spirit, so to connect with Prana, the vital life-force.


Pranic energy is able to penetrate and radiate throughout body and mind, once the nadis (subtle channels that run through the body from head to the soles of the feet) are cleared and purified. The breath has therefore two central tasks: to be the carrier of prana, and by way of its cleansing effect of the nadis, opens pathways in the body.


After a Divine Straightening session and its re-connection with the healing power, Chakra-Meditation stimulates all subtle bodies of the system to aid harmonious growth that fosters soul-spiritual expansion.


Well-being and vitality depends on attuning the chakra antennae to the right station. Because only with the relevant frequency are they able to absorb cosmic vibrations, to subsequently distribute them, which will assure strong and pure energy fields.


Methods of cleaning and strengthening the chakras should be carried out regularly, preferably daily, in order to bring about optimal health in the long term. Just as you cleanse your physical body daily, equally so your chakras need daily care. We will demonstrate different ways of enhancing these subtle energy centres by the laying on of hands.

Energy work with the glands

Energy-work with a gland can increase the flow of energy, and will also harmonise the corresponding chakra. Since glands operate well protected, we often don’t know how and where they function, from one moment to the next. The glandular system meditation is designed to gather awareness of these little human miracles, so to improve and strengthen its functioning. By spiritually harmonising the endocrine system, the chakras are freed to then better perform in its many other functions.

Singing and chanting

Every physical or mental illness indicates a vibrational disturbance of rhythm and resonance; in the truest sense it reflects an inconsistency. Singing, resounding and reciting promotes good health in that it leads to an optimal physical and soul-rhythm. Through singing, the whole body vibrates, causing new higher vibrational patterns to be established.


Mantras are sacred syllables and phrases that hold particular formulas of cosmic power. On reciting these, creative power is stimulated. Its potency is based on the understanding that its repetitive reciting produce in us fundamental and higher oscillation.


3-Healing is developed by us as an art-form of spiritual healing, an expression of a new form of energy work for the purpose of self-treatment and for treating others.


Meditations and exercises of the book 3-Healing offer different ways of procedure for you to more and more and increasingly align to a state of connectedness, balance and harmony. Each of the practical exercises promote the process of growth that gradually finds expression in the cells and organs, in thought and emotions, as well as in all living conditions.


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