Healing with spiritual alchemy

By Christina Graf. 


In Zurich lies the Villa Erlengut, which today serves as the community hall. The elevator brings me to the second floor. Here in the room with a fireplace and a view over Lake Zürich, Alexander Toskar is giving a short introductory presentation. Many people today had problems with their spines due to antenatal experiences or traumatic experiences. Individual vertebrae are twisted and lead to an oblique pelvic position, making a leg seem shorter. Because twisted vertebrae can block nerve tracts, this leads to various disorders in the whole human system. Alexander Toskar demonstrates the Divine Straightening on a young woman, who has been in a vehicle accident, among other things. In the winter garden there are three massage tables ready. Before the therapies begin, heavy metal pollutants generated through various environmental toxins are eliminated from the body with the help of spiritual alchemy.


In the lecture room, Carolin Toskar looks at the vertebrae of each of the fifteen participants. She runs her finger along the vertebrae in order to localise energetic displacements or curvatures of individual vertebra. Alexander Toskar now starts the first therapies while Carolin Toskar demonstrates simple and harmonised Chakra exercises, which could be practiced morning and evening lying down in order to support everyday health as well.   



Now it is my turn. On the massage table my feet are marked with a felt pen and photographed in order to make the tilt of the pelvis visible before and after being straightened. The Divine Straightening takes place in a matter of seconds, without contact; the healing process is initiated only by a transfer of consciousness. In contrast to other therapy methods, such as chiropractic or atlasology with which problems with vertebrae must often be treated several times, with Divine Straightening the vertebrae remain balanced, as confirmed by positive responses following medical examinations of participants. In order to maintain stability, the Toskars suggest regular energisation exercises and meditation. 


Spirituality and medicine in partnership 

Their vision is to make Divine Straightening accessible to as many people as possible because they believe that spiritual healing and traditional medicine do not exclude anybody. The Spiritual Health Foundation founded by them is committed to children and people who are unable to look after themselves.   


As I listen to the birdsong through opened windows, Alexander Toskar asks a young man about his physical disorders. After another spiritual treatment he returns to me and wants to know what would put me under particular strain. In doing so he holds my head and speaks with me not only as if he would like to know my situation, but also as if it is not him at all, but my inner voice speaking with me. The inner resistance awakes and shakes me one last time. Alexander Toskar activates the healing powers in my hands and moves on to the next massage table. A wave of tiredness washes over me. When I haven nearly dozed off, I am requested to stand up. I go across the lecture room to Carolin Toskar, who checks my vertebrae again. The afternoon at the Erlengut flew by. There remains a liberating light feeling in my body. I had always envisaged spiritual healing just like this. Gratitude and joy accompany me home. 


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