Remote Healing

Spiritual healing energy guided from afar

  • Remote treatment optionally via Zoom, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime
  • Divine Straightening and follow-up treatment as remote healing
  • Remote treatments as accompaniment and raising of the self-healing powers

Divine Straightening and follow-up treatments can also take place as distance healings at home. It is a form of spiritual healing where we connect with the person at the agreed appointment and transmit the healing information in a spiritual way - via video or photo.

Remote healing treatments are particularly suitable for people who want regular support and want to continue improving their self-healing powers. Even people who are unable to travel or who live in far-off countries make use of remote healing. We have been treating clients in Germany, Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia for over 20 years.


Remote healing treatment is of the same value and as effective as on-site treatment in our healing centres. Spiritual healing operates outside space-time. Therefore the transmitted energy by Alexander reaches people everywhere. It has an effect on the body, soul and spirit of the person, incorporating his or her concerns and issues.

Treatment online

Remote healing sessions take place every week, as well as it being available at short notice by arrangement.

Your healing session

Divine Straightening session
Divine Straightening (Spiritual Realignment) as distance healing consists of two appointments:

  • Initial treatment optionally via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime
  • Second appointment, a week later, offline. To deepen and activate the potential of self-healing power

Follow-up healing session

A follow-up treatment as distant healing consists of two appointments:

  • Follow-up treatment through a video call
  • Second appointment via photo, one week later. To further support self-healing and the regenerative process

Sequence of online treatment

  • Choose an appointment when you have enough time for yourself, able to receive the treatment undisturbed
  • One-to-one healing session
  • Preliminary discussion with attunement
  • Divine Straightening or, as a follow-up session spiritual eye treatment
  • 3-Healing for the body-heart-soul system
  • Healing the present, and spiritual alchemy with discharge
  • Activating healing power together with the personal healing-card
  • Healing meditations in daily life
  • Follow-up discussion

Alexander transmits healing energy at the agreed time by which he activates your potential for self-healing-power. Energy flows through you, radiating in your entire organism, cleansing, harmonising and strengthening internal organs, as well as all levels of being.


Duration of online treatment

Please allow 45 minutes for the appointment (including the initial discussion and follow-up discussion). You will receive details about the second appointment of your remote session, by means of a photo, at the follow-up discussion.


Cost of complete online treatment

EUR 150


Make an appointment

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