Spinal curvature: treatment on a spiritual level

When the Sacrum becomes our Cross

The spine is the main central energy channel in the human body, and its most important energy distributor. In addition to the central nervous system, the spine is traversed by millions of the finest invisible energy-channels, the Nadis. The free function of these subtle energy channels and its energy centres are essential for our life, because they distribute universal life-energy-force to all cells and levels of our being.

Any kind of curvature of the spine has therefore a negative effect on our energetic provision and our well-being. The free flow of life-force is hindered by deviating and twisted energy channels; humans are inadequately supplied with energy, mentally, spiritually and physically. Exhaustion, tiredness, resignation, fear of the future and pain can result.

The natural shape of the spine

A healthy spine looks straight from the back. The vertebrae are aligned vertically one after the other, like a pearl necklace. Viewed from the side, the spine has the natural shape of a double S-curvature. The cervical and lumbar spine curve forward towards the abdomen (lordosis), whilst the thoracic spine and sacrum curve backward (kyphosis). The spine acts like a spring that absorbs shocks optimally, in order to protect the spine itself and the head.

The natural curvature of the spine is essentially used for:

  • Straightening
  • Stabilisation and strength
  • Movement and flexibility

The various curvatures of the spine are established during the prenatal and postnatal period.

  1. Curvature of the thoracic-spine (BWS) is formed already in the womb
  2. Lumbar-spine (lumbar spine) curvature is formed during labor up to the time the child stands upright. It continues to grow as the child walks - in the first 18 months
  3. Curvature of the cervical-spine (HVS) forms during the first few weeks and completes in the prone-position.

These typical and normal curvatures are also called primary curvatures, in contrast to pathological secondary curvatures.

Different types of scoliosis

The unnatural curvature of the spine, also known as scoliosis, is derived from the Greek word skolios, which means "crooked": the spine not only curves unnaturally forwards and backwards, but also to the side.

Scoliosis thus describes a misalignment of the spine, which is characterised by its lateral bending and rotation around the longitudinal axis.

Conventional medicine generally differentiates idiopathic scoliosis from secondary.

  • Idiopathic means that no specific trigger-mechanism of a disease can be found
  • Secondary scoliosis, on the other hand, is the result of a known cause

About 85% of these pathological malformations of the spine begin for no apparent reason. A hereditary influence is assumed, so it is a congenital misalignment in the posture.

The spine can be bend, on grounds of other causes or illnesses, for instance, it can be traced back to different leg-lengths, a disrupted supply of energy for the nerves, or a disease of the muscles.

Axial rotation

If the lateral curvature is combined with a rotation of the spine, this is known as an axial rotation.

The individual vertebral-bones, and the entire spine are twisted in their longitudinal axis (torsion and rotation). The rotation is strongest at the apex of the scoliosis, and decreases again at the ends of the crooked spine. It can affect the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine or the transition between these two sections.

Tension and pressure arise between the individual vertebral bodies, due to the varying degrees of twisting. Medical doctors also refer to the twisted and crooked spine as torsional scoliosis.

Hyperlordosis (hollow back)

This is an unnaturally strong curvature of the lumbar spine bend forwards, whilst the pelvis and abdomen often also bulge forwards.

Lack of exercise and a weak back or abdominal muscles can increase the curvature. A hollow back often occurs in people who sit a lot, and work on the computer, or the posture-shift occurs due to being overweight.

Hyperkyphosis (rounded back, humpback)

The hunchback usually consists of the thoracic vertebrae and can be a congenital malformation of the spine. Muscular weakness and lack of support are also causes. Daily activities in which we have our arms in front of our body, such as driving a car, cooking, writing (so-called PC humps), the muscles in the front of the body gradually shorten. If there is no equalising balancing, a hunched back can develop.

Injuries on the spine and vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis and diseases such as Scheuermann's disease, or Bechterew's disease, can also lead to a hunched back in old age.

Typical Symptoms

Spinal curvature typically causes different heights of the shoulders, an asymmetry of the waist and a pelvic obliquity. Deformations of the spine lead to signs of wear and tear and muscle tension. Those affected can also suffer from back, neck, head or hip pain.

They would also be more prone to herniated discs, because the misalignment of the spine results in signs of wear and tear, on the intervertebral discs and vertebrae.

Internal organs are often affected in severe scoliosis, which can lead to breathing or heart-problems, because the chest cavity is narrowed. Abdominal organs, such as the liver, also do not have enough space-capacity in which to function properly.

The misalignment is also associated with psychological consequences: those affected, who show clear external signs of scoliosis, such as shoulder and / or hip distortion, feel uneasy in their bodies. Thus they seek to cover up these oblique conditions with clothing, and avoid visits to the swimming pool or the beach.

Mental causes of spinal curvature

The spine is the most important bearer and storage of all prenatal patterns, created at conception from the first cell onward. A person's first life-program arises in the prenatal period. The individual’s life-plan is equally represented in the spine.

A healthy spine represents dynamism and at the same time stands for stability. It gives us support, representing sincerity and strength, as well as human-ascent from quadruped to biped.

Energy channels run through our spine on both sides of the spine, corresponding to the cords of the sympathetic nervous system; the energy channels Ida and Pingala rise in a spiral movement, and cross each other several times. They provide us with energy, vitality and creativity.

Obstruction of energy-flow

Any curvature or deformity of the spine inevitably leads to a turbulence or congestion of energy-flow and reduces our potential and prospective for living, and our health. All impulses of our heart-mind-spirit-body are stored in the spine. Disorders and blockages in the spine, conversely, impair needed provision and free growth of our emotional, mental and physical aspects.

Because everything is connected to the spine: our thoughts, feelings, talents, our life plan and potential, control centres, organs, nervous system, sensory organs, teeth, glands, respiratory and digestive organs, arms and legs.

Prenatal imprints such as trauma, imposed beliefs and emotional patterns solidified the energy patterns of our physical, mental and spiritual structure, and hinder the free-flow of our energies and our life-plan. They cause a retention at that time, and fix thereby also an essential part of our present, including our body posture.

Deviation from your Centre

The lateral curvature of the spine is an unconscious deviation from one's own centre, not wanting to be in balance, or to wanting to meander through life.

If the focus of life turns to the left, to the feminine side, feminine aspects gain stronger expression; to the right, and masculine side is neglected. Conversely, the feminine is disadvantaged and the right side is overburdened. If the spine deviates from the centre, the development of our life-plan is also disturbed. We don’t walk in linear fashion, but make detours. Often, the spinal curvature shows a question mark structure; this is always an indication that an important life issue needs to be clarified.

The lateral curvature of the spine has further meaning; a person turns away from something, turns towards something else. A sudden curvature of the spine often occurs, especially during puberty, girls are four times more affected than boys. Indecision, non-commitment and the tendency to detour are reflected in the curvature of the spine.

Chakras get out of balance

The chakras, the important energy centres along the spine, are also displaced when the spine is curved and are out of alignment. The centres absorb less energy, and distribute energy less effectively; thus their higher spiritual aspects also wither. The spiritual laws, which have their counterparts in the energy centres, are also misaligned and cause imbalances or difficulties in life, because universal principles are no longer well anchored, as also these have abundant the field of harmony.

In case of an axial rotation, the flow of energy is particularly and markedly reduced. Our life channel, the spine, behaves like a twisted water-hose that is less permeable for the flow of water. People often feel tired, as if they are going through life on the back burner, feeling areas in the upper body as if separate, or experiencing lack of breath - from top to tail.

Emotional stress as causes

In the past, one saw in the hunchback, also called 'hump' karmic punishment or repentance.
It embodies the burdens imposed on a person bowed by life, as the name 'widow's hump' implies, emotional-stress is seen as the cause.

Liberation and straightening of the spine

Straightening of the spine is the central aspect of Divine Straightening. The most common cause of back pain is a misaligned or twisted spine. Disturbance patterns of the past, on emotional and mental levels, are the physical expression for this. Because the spine stores, like a computer, all prenatal imprints, life’s influences and beliefs in the form of microshocks and blockages. The liberation of the spine and the vital flow of life-force are therefore crucial.

The power of Divine Straightening releases imprinted life patterns, the body frees itself from years of emotional-mental burdens, and noticeable stands erect. Old packets and burdens can be discarded. People are transformed. You will feel the relief, and feel more upright and self-confident at the same time.

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