Energy Home Clearing

Spiritual Alchemy and house cleansing

Forcefield and protection of your living accommodations with remote healing. Energetic cleansing for your home is especially recommended after Divine Straightening.

Protection against electronic-smog and negative thought forms

After Divine Straightening, people are interested in furthering holistic changes. Because they feel well, they begin to be more attentive to their surroundings, and to what is actually good for them. Protection against electro-smog and negative thought forms is a key-factor in this. Energetic house decluttering enables you to further integrate even more innate qualities and awareness into your everyday life.

Divine Alchemy of living spaces, which we conduct remotely, effects a transformation of those energies that are imbalanced and causing stress for people and the environment.

All of the rooms, cars and cell phones are placed in a spiritual force field. During this time, all people and animals present will be suffused by the light spectrum. The body system also experiences spiritual purification.

Against poisons, toxins, heavy metals and influences

Due to advancing electrification and the use of radio waves, humans are increasingly exposed to artificially generated electromagnetic fields. Radiation exposure has a damaging effect on the nervous system, the metabolism, and it acidifies the body. Especially in cases of cancer, the effect of radiation beams or turbulences are found repeatedly, to which the affected person is exposed.

Metabolic waste and foreign toxins thickens the blood and accumulates in the organism, like in a machine, and needs to be removed regularly (detoxification). Indicators of disease caused by slagging are e.g. migraines, high blood pressure, skin, heart, liver and joint diseases.


Email a photo (exterior) of the house, apartment or workplace.

Please specify address and telephone number, together with data of the living space used.

We will arrange an appointment of your spiritual house-cleansing, to which you are asked to be present in the apartment, office or home. 

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