Spiritual Coaching

One-on-one coaching with Carolin Toskar

As a certified life consultant, I actively support you during changes in various areas of life, such as relationships, health, career, and vocation.

Our conversation helps you strengthen the connection with your inner core, break old patterns, and better unfold yourself and your heart's desires and needs.

I listen to you trustingly and energetically support your concerns during the process, answering your questions and posing questions to increase your understanding of your topic and its spiritual connections.

You will receive concrete spiritual suggestions, allowing your life to change and improve from the inside out.

Topic areas

  • Family, partnership, and harmonious relationships
  • Health and body Happiness in life
  • Spiritual insights and development
  • Professional situation (planning a fresh start, job fulfillment, work-life balance)
  • Unfolding and recognizing talents and inner potentials
  • Financial situation, improving the material level

Through our coaching sessions, we will address these key areas and explore your personal goals, dreams, and desires. We'll work together to create a tailored plan for positive change and support you in navigating through life's challenges while cultivating a greater sense of balance, joy, and success in these aspects of your life.

Your spiritual life consultation

Procedure of the two appointments

  • Send me your topics via email. I will conduct an energetic reading of your life themes beforehand, which will then be incorporated into the consultation
  • First appointment: Individual consultation via Zoom
  • Second appointment one week later, offline. Dynamization and energetic elevation of your life theme and desire
  • Personal feedback and follow-up on our conversation

"You find the meaning of your life

where your joy is helpful to others."


Duration of the online life consultation

Please allow 50-60 minutes for the first appointment. Information about the second appointment (offline & included) will be provided during our conversation.


Cost of the entire package Your investment:

€150 for 2 appointments.

The life consultation takes place online via Zoom or Skype, arranged according to your preference.

The second appointment is one week later and will be held offline.


Make an appointment

By e-mail or conveniently book online here


Thank you for the warm encounter. Your beautiful aura and loving care are a gift to me. - Elia -

First and foremost: a heartfelt thank you for the time, attention, great ideas, your love and heart strength that you have given me. Something has changed in my environment immediately. - Brigitta -

Thank you very much for your coaching. I had a lot of fun, and a lot has changed since the last time. I perceive that "super-clearly." - Frank -

I think it's so great how you do it! I also find the summary so helpful, being able to read it again and not feel like I've forgotten half of it after the coaching. A heartfelt thank you for that 🙏 - Tanja -

Thank you for your fantastic consultation. I have so many ideas now because I look at my situation with fresh eyes. And I can finally take action - it feels very good. - Michael. -

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