A particle of the cosmic wheel of life

A travel- and healing account of Alexander and Carolin Toskar

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings in all worlds be happy. This Indian prayer for world peace is helping to demonstrate peaceful kindness in all life situations. The outcome and goal of our healing work is based on this guiding principle - to participate in transforming spiritual work - also performed by thousands of Reiki practitioners and other spiritual healers. In January 2008 we got the opportunity, to give our upmost in the country of origin of this Indian mantra.

Many chronic illnesses needn’t be, if next to regular medication 'Medica mente', meaning “Healing through the Divine”, stood in the foreground. As what healing remedies heal indirectly the Divine heals directly. The Divine Straightening with spine healing, which we facilitate, encompasses the whole human being. It aligns the spirit, cleanses the soul and straightens the spine. This new life program happens simultaneously on many levels from which the overall healing of heart – mind – spirit – body can unfold.


Healing work in South India

The home for the elderly, 'Sai Maa Old Age Home' in South India, has opened in 2003 to make it possible for the poor and homeless to spend their remaining years in dignity.

For the founder of the project, Monica, an important aspect is „Help for Self-Help“. Elderly women in colourful saris, men in the dhoti, village children and western Visitors gathered in the decorated community hall to experience our healing work. The residents of the home, rooted deeply in their Hindu religion with numberless gods, mantras and spiritual practices, received the Divine Straightening with great thankfulness. They performed the exercises for self-healing in every day life, e.g. harmonising the chakras and strengthening of the aura - shown after the Divine Straightening healing sessions, with dedication and great implicitness. All of this happened in a very spirited and buoyant atmosphere, which fulfilled us all and created a powerful introduction to our further travels to Thailand. The received donations from the Westerners present made it possible to further expand the home. 


Divine Straightening in Thailand

Already the next day we sat together with a director of the Thai health ministry in a TV studio in the middle of Bangkok. The Divine Straightening has developed a great momentum in Thailand, which is both demanding and fulfilling. During these days we came as close to the experience of being „a tool of a higher power“ as never before. The recorded interview was the beginning of a comprehensive healing program in the following week: Live TV broadcasts, interviews, speeches in the health ministry, visits to hospitals and healing days in different places in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces.


The director of the Thai health ministry, who is overseeing the department for complementary health as well as many hospitals, accompanied us together with a camera team to go through the program organised by him. We drove to hospitals and to homes of severely ill people, all of whom are under the protection of the Thai princess. Among them a young policeman who had been shot a couple of months before by Malay terrorists and since then had been unable to walk. The medical diagnosis said „paraplegic“. Especially concerned through this stroke of fate were his parents, whom suffered strongly from their sense of helplessness.


To greet us he lifted one of his arms, he also could lift his legs a few centimetres now. During our visit four months earlier I had initiated the Divine Straightening on him, and since then his own body intelligence had increasingly taken on the healing work. His parents had received a Reiki initiation, so they could express their love towards their son by laying on of hands. The mother of the policeman told us delightedly that she had been treating him every day. Also his doctors were very happy about his healing process.


Another patient, who had been in a vigil coma since his motor bicycle accident, could speak his first words already one day after the Divine Straightening, as the director of health had informed us then. Now, with the help of an assistant, he was able to walk again. His greatest wish was to be able to visit an important school event of his son, by himself. 



At the health ministry

We gave lectures at the Thai Health Organisation (MOPH) in Bangkok. The interest in the healing work of the more then 200 listeners was tremendous. Leading professors, doctors and therapists observed the treatment with great interest on a big screen. The speech was transmitted via satellite into many Asian households. Therefore many people looking for help came already on the next day to healing sessions at the TV station. Because other help had failed, they put a lot of trust in us and hoped to find in the Divine Straightening, what would fulfil their soul and spirit. 


Especially moving was a speech about our healing work in the Pattalung Hospital, in the Trang province, in front of more than 300 doctors and nurses. Each one of them received a healing power activation, to be able to supply themselves and their future patients with healing energy. They are able to work more consciously and powerful from now on, by regarding their hands as tools of a cosmic power. The guidance and help from above can now add to their medical knowledge. Through the effect of the Divine Straightening they can experience a greater increase of energy in their practice.  We also got to know an Indian gynaecologist, who would lay his hands on patients before and during difficult operations, so that the operations could take their course without complications.

One participant, a distinguished Thai monk, reported after his Divine Straightening of a strong, very intensive energy flow in the channel of his spinal cord. He knew a similar sensation only from deep meditations. Two specialists of the hospital confirmed afterwards the straightening of his spine and the correction of his axial contortion. It is important to mention, that up until a few years ago, only Monks were entitled to give healing sessions in Thailand.



What do I live for?

As the great Initiated knew and taught, the divine power in everyone is the creative and preservative frequency, which penetrates all cells and atoms and is the basis of everything. However, due to overlays it is weak in its presence and limited, because what people concentrate on is what gains strength. When more attention is given to the pain, it is the pain that finds its way into the consciousness.


We help people, to awaken these divine powers within their bodies and show them ways of how to treat themselves in every day life. Through the laying on of hands the life energy can be guided into each organ and each cell. People who are practicing their self-treatments every day can clearly feel the flow of spiritual vibrations. This is helpful to take on the initiative and responsibility for their health themselves. We regard apparent physical limitations – a handicap or discomforts – as matter, which should be transformed. Looked at in this way, it is the meaning of illnesses to point out certain aspects of their lives to people and to challenge them into questioning: 'How and what do I live for? How am I dealing with my energies and powers?'


God within us

Even if we cannot realise the spiritual transformation everywhere, it is important to us to work for it at all times, then we realise it within ourselves. And we recognise ourselves as a particle in the cosmic wheel of life. Then we have found God not only within ourselves but also within all beings. May all beings in all worlds be happy. May worries and suffering disappear so that all people can become, what they really are – complete, spiritual and happy. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

 Reiki Magazine 1/2009

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