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Our activity in Thailand

It is our vision that spiritual healing and complementary healing modalities work together with western medicine, so that the best of all practices unite, for the benefit of all life-forms (physical, emotional, mental), animals, plant live, environment, situations.


In cooperation with the Thai Ministry of Health, we have been visiting health facilities in Thailand on a regular basis, since 2006. Nurses and doctors receive Divine Straightening treatment, and acquire skills and understanding in workshops, of how to utilise 3-Healing, for the benefit of their work schedule.


We are invited to visit specialized hospital departments, for instance Neurology to visit patients with brain traumata, to Traumatology, or to patients with age-related degenerative diseases. We each give them a spiritual healing treatment, and we give instructions to nurses or relatives on how to increase the life force, by the laying-on of hands and other spiritual applications. On subsequent trips and on occasions, we were able to see the patients anew, and doctors or relatives could give us news of their developing recovery.

In that way, a paralyzed police officer, who had been shot in the neck was again able to greet us personally on our second visit, only half a year later. In another case, a patient in hospital as the result of a vehicular accident woke up on the day of our visit from a coma, which, at this early stage, the doctors were not expecting, but they were highly pleased about the progress.

Dr. Jakkriss Bhumisawasdi of the Thai Ministry of Public Health reports:

As Chief of Staff of the Southern Region, I brought Alexander and Carolin Toskar to the large hospitals in my region in order to train and educate doctors and nurses. We currently have visited the regional hospitals in Pattalung and Nakornsrithammarat, as well as Chumporn, Trang, and many more. As my area extended to the Central Region, we were able to offer even more workshops in Nonthaburi, Lopburi, Saraburi ... Many doctors and nurses were enthusiastic about the training, and some could help their patients a lot more. Many miracles occurred, which allowed them to see successes with their own eyes. Those who had been practicing more, could get even better results. This was the case from my own experience.

As Head of the Chiefs of Staff who inspects all areas of the country, I consider what Alexander Toskar and his wife Carolin have given to the people of Thailand, and to the many other people world-wide, worth far more then can be imagined. I thank both for what they have done for our hospital staff. Our patients in turn benefit due to the training the doctors and nurses receive. Again, many thanks for what they have done for us in the last decade, and what they will do for us in the future.’


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