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Spiritual Healing Seminars

With Carolin and Alexander Toskar

Your individual way to becoming a Spiritual Healer

Healer students around the world appreciate the authentic teachings of Carolin and Alexander. In their academy, which has been in existence for over 15 years, they impart the Art of Spiritual Healing. From 3-Healing® seminars to teachings on Divine Straightening®.

This Healer Training is aimed at everyone who wants to apply new knowledge and healing methods for themselves and for other people. Principles of spiritual healing, and further developed practical applications of your healing activity, form the live- core of all seminars. Initiations and extensive course-materials accompany the individual way to becoming a spiritual healer. After each level at the seminar, the acquired healing modalities can be implemented straight away.

The seminars are held at three consecutive weekends. These can be assigned individually, but in the specified order.

Experiencing and learning about Spiritual Healing

Our healer training provides you with comprehensive spiritual healing knowledge in theory and practice modules - for yourself and for treating others. It is recognised as vocational education and training in health education.

Initiations as well as extensive aids and course-books support your individual path to becoming a spiritual healer. We are at your side with all of our experience and joy in healing. After each level at the seminar, you can immediately implement the healing methods you have learned. With certificate!


'Once again, it was a very exciting and interesting seminar in a wonderful group. I was able to take so much with me and I am very happy about that. A heartfelt thank you for passing on your great knowledge in your unique seminars.'
- Claudia -

Learn spiritual healing with us. We look forward to accompanying you on your path!

Healer seminars online

During the live webinar, we connect you with the content of theoretical and practical modules. You will gain the same spiritual knowledge and ability as you would at our on-site seminars.

Our online seminars are aimed at everyone who wants to grow spiritually. For people who have made it their mission to help their fellow human beings - i.e., doctors and naturopaths, midwives, physiotherapists and also healers and light workers. You will be able to work more consciously and powerfully, adding to your knowledge and skills, also guidance, whilst bearing witness to your hands as being God's hands.

At the end of the seminar you will receive your certificate and workbook. All our online seminars are live.

'You conduct your seminars in a very loving, respectful way. One feel comfortable and accepted right away. Thank you for the wonderful webinar at the weekend. It's nice that we had the opportunity to do it from home.' - Jens -

Spiritual Healer seminar level 1

The Art of Spiritual Healing
3-Healing for yourself and others
Mental healing and consciousness development
Metamorphosis with potential release
Distant healing; connecting with the healing-power

2-day seminar
Requirement: no smoking on the seminar day

Spiritual Healer seminar level 2 & 3

Spiritual Alchemy

Transformation, purification and refinement
Solving mental patterns and life issues
Spiritual surgery and crystal healing
Tuning-in to the healing cards and places of power
Healing power connections


Experience spiritual healing live with us!

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Divine Straightening® practitioner

Initiation Seminar
Initiation of Divine Straightening original healing method by Carolin and Alexander Toskar.

This Seminar takes place on site.
Prerequisite: completion of seminar level 1-3

Here you learn more about spiritual healing and energy work at our healer training


'I have never experienced a seminar where practice and theory were taught with so much love and mindfulness.' - Irmgard -

'Everything worked perfectly and was so intense that I didn't even have the feeling that I was separated from you by the screen. It was a lot of fun - also the exchanging with the group. The feedback from other participants in our wonderfully diverse group was always lively, interesting and really refreshing. The feedback from ‚my model‘ about my treatment made me incredibly happy.' - Angela -

'Thank you very much for the online seminar; you made the last weekend extremely professional and varied. I am so happy to have attended.' - Frauke -

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