Spiritual Healing Seminars

Your individual path to becoming a spiritual healer

Take your life into your healing hands! Do you want to make a positive difference for yourself? Do you have a desire to help others, whether it's people or animals? Would you like to spend valuable and healing time with us and like-minded individuals?


Begin with Level 1 and learn Spiritual Healing with us!

In our healer seminars, we share with you our wealth of experience in spiritual healing accumulated over 30 years. We provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge of spiritual healing in a light-hearted and accessible way.

Our authentic teachings are based on our extensive work as healers and lecturers in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and our healing centers.

Initiations, comprehensive tools, and workbooks support you on your individual path. After each seminar level, you can immediately apply the healing techniques you have learned. With certification.


Healer training available online, in Munich, Cologne, and Zurich

We teach the art of spiritual healing in three steps, from 3-Healing® seminars to the healing technique - Divine Straightening®. We look forward to welcoming you!

Spiritual Healing Seminar level 1

The Art of Spiritual Healing

Enhance your skills through the learning of Crystal Healing, Mental Healing, and Soul Healing. Learn how to send healing energies remotely. This seminar also activates and strengthens your own self-healing power.


Seminar Contents

  • 3-Healing for yourself and others
  • Crystal Healing: Energetic Harmonization
  • Mental Healing: Mental Balance and Clarity
  • Soul Healing: Profound Consciousness Development
  • Remote Healing for humans and animals
  • A certificate, healing and teaching materials, and a comprehensive workbook
  • Healer Coaching in the following 3 weeks

Spiritual Healer Seminar level 2&3

Spiritual Alchemy

Expand your skills in the field of spiritual healing and deepen your knowledge in various applications such as Spiritual Surgery, Mental Pattern Dissolution, Activation of New Life Themes, Creation and Programming of Healing Cards, and Karmic Balance.


Through this diverse range of techniques, you can resolve energetic blockages, balance karmic entanglements, and bring about positive changes in both your life and the lives of others.


Seminar Contents

  • Spiritual Surgery
  • Resolving Mental Patterns and Activation of New Life Themes
  • Karma Cleansing and Karmic Balance
  • Healing Card Creation and Programming
  • Spiritual Alchemy for Purification and Transformation
  • Certificate, Healing and Teaching Materials, and Comprehensive Workbook
  • Healer Coaching 
  • Preparation for the Initiation Seminar: Divine Straightening (Spiritual Realignment)

Divine Straightening® practitioner

Initiation Seminar

The original Initiation Seminar for Divine Straightening (Spiritual Realignment) taught by Alexander and Carolin Toskar. This Seminar takes place on site.

  • Initiation of Divine Straightening original healing method by Carolin and Alexander Toskar.
  • Divine Straightening (Spiritual Realignment) on humans and animals
  • Spiritual surgery and crystal healing
  • Theory, practice, starter package
  • Healer Coaching 2 times a year
  • Observation at healing days in Munich, Cologne or Zurich
  • Healer network, energy upliftment and exchange

Prerequisite: completion of seminar level 1-3

Spiritual Healer Training

During the live webinar, we connect you with the content of theoretical and practical modules. You will gain the same spiritual knowledge and ability as you would at our on-site seminars.
All our online seminars are live.


Our healer training provides you with comprehensive spiritual healing knowledge in theory and practice modules - for yourself and for treating others. It is recognised as vocational education and training in health education.

Initiations as well as extensive aids and course-books support your individual path to becoming a spiritual healer. We are at your side with all of our experience and joy in healing. After each level at the seminar, you can immediately implement the healing methods you have learned.


Learn spiritual healing with us. We look forward to accompanying you on your path!


'You conduct your seminars in a very loving, respectful way. One feel comfortable and accepted right away. Thank you for the wonderful webinar at the weekend. It's nice that we had the opportunity to do it from home.' - Jens -


'I have never experienced a seminar where practice and theory were taught with so much love and mindfulness.' - Irmgard -

'Everything worked perfectly and was so intense that I didn't even have the feeling that I was separated from you by the screen. It was a lot of fun - also the exchanging with the group. The feedback from other participants in our wonderfully diverse group was always lively, interesting and really refreshing. The feedback from ‚my model‘ about my treatment made me incredibly happy.' - Angela -

'Thank you very much for the online seminar; you made the last weekend extremely professional and varied. I am so happy to have attended.' - Frauke -


'Once again, it was a very exciting and interesting seminar in a wonderful group. I was able to take so much with me and I am very happy about that. A heartfelt thank you for passing on your great knowledge in your unique seminars.'
- Claudia -

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