About Us

Carolin and Alexander Toskar have gained worldwide recognition through their work. Divine Straightening with the initiation of the will-to-health forms the core of their spiritual healing work, which they fulfil with great dedication.

Alexander and Carolin actively work as healers and spiritual teachers, at their healing centres in Munich and Cologne. Over more then 18 years, they have guided people in their lives to greater health and well-being, with deep devotion.

Their Foundation for Spiritual Health and Spiritual Health Charity e.V. aims to promoting spiritual health and well-being in children and dependent people. These charitable organisations have their base in Cologne and Zurich.

Our vision

We act with the awareness that each spiritually realigned person will find harmony within his or her body, heart and spirit. Because each realigned person contributes to the transformation of the collective consciousness, and thus to the well-being of society and the whole.

May all people in all worlds, live in abundance and joy, may grief and suffering cease, and may each person become who he or she really is – spiritually, perfect and healthy.