Carolin and Alexander Toskar are internationally renowned healers. They lead spiritual centers in Munich and Cologne, where they accompany people on their path to health and contentment.


Their Spiritual Health Foundation and Spiritual Health Charity e.V. have the mission to develop spiritual healing and wellbeing for children and vulnerable people. Both are non-profit organizations in Cologne and Zurich. 


Our vision

May all beings in all worlds live in comfort and happiness. May sorrow and suffering disappear so that every human can become who he truly is – spiritually, whole and healthy.


Our mission

to support people all around the world, to align their spirit and create access to their souls, that they might recognise love, happiness and thankfulness within everyday life and face all experiences with strength, serenity and dignity.


The spiritual healing Divine Straightening and intitation of the will to heal therefore form the core of our work which we perform with love and devotion.