About Alexander Toskar

Spiritual Healer - Spiritual Teacher

Healer and Teacher of Divine Straightening

Since childhood, Alexander was exposed to various healing modalities and spiritual traditions. More than 30 years ago (1989) he was the first person to experience Divine Straightening through his father, the healer Pjotr Elkunoviz.

His desire for spirituality never left him, not even at the time, when Alexander was creatively proactive as a designer. After long stays in India, during which he came across profound spiritual revelation, Alexander's awareness and healing power grew steadily; he had found his calling and mission as a healer. He received a clear message, to devote all his energy, serving his neighbour and the healing-work.

Alexander continues his father's healing-work; he introduced the work, as an author for the first time, in his book Divine Straightening. Further publications on the topics of spiritual healing, self-healing and spiritual growth followed.

Alexander offers treatments and gives lectures worldwide. His gifts includes helping people realign with their spirit-body, and to live with awareness of spirituality in daily life.

Together with Carolin, Alexander serves at centres for spiritual healing in Germany and Switzerland. He is the founder of charitable organisations to promote spiritual health and wellbeing.