Remove Energy Blockages

In case energy is disturbed

Our body is traversed by subtle energy channels. They ensure that physical, mental and spiritual levels receive sufficient energy. If the flow of life-energy is disturbed, we speak of an energy blockage.

Causes of energy blockages derive from metal and emotional influences and imprints. In particular through negative, conscious and unconscious, thought patters and feeling models, unpleasant experiences, shock and trauma. Also, physical injuries, bad posture and misalignment can hinder the flow of life.

Energy blockages occur on a scale of minimal to almost completely blocked conditions. If the blockages are light and cover a small area, then this will lead to a slowing down of freely flowing energies, or to energy fluctuations. Massive and extensive blockages, on the other hand, can lead to stagnation and complete interruption of energy-flow. But this is very rare, only some structural damage can cause, in rare situations, an almost complete blockage to the energy body.

Effects of blocked energy

Energy blockages manifest themselves as tiredness, exhaustion, dejection, tension or stress. If the blockage lasts longer or expands, it can also lead to physical discomfort or illnesses.

If the life force circulates freely through the subtle energy system, we are healthy in our full potential and connection to the spiritual source of power. Well-being, harmony, inner balance and inspiration arise, as it is really our natural state.

Removing Negative Energies from Life

Energy blockages are very subtle. Often the obvious is just a superficial manifestation of a deeper blockage. Recognising these deeper energy blockages can be a challenge, and it often takes lots of time to think about the deeper meaning of situations and their causes.

This can be especially difficult if the blockage is causing anxiety and confusion. It is therefore best to not just focus on an energy blockage, but to take a broader, more holistic approach to removing energy blockages. In many ways, an energy blockage is a symptom of a broader underlying problem.

One way to remove energy blockages is to increase ones own frequency. This means that one removes or reduces energies from life that are dense, negative, and hold us back, etc. This can involve energies within (emotions, thoughts, etc.), actions and reactions, as well as energies from the environment and in daily life’s activity. The more you focus on positive and healthy emotions, thoughts, reactions, actions and living conditions, the more your own vibrational frequency increases. This in turn means that it becomes easier to dissolve and remove energy blockages.

Using Chakras for Healing

Many people use the chakra system to heal the flow of energy.

Energy channels and the transporting of energy is imperceptible to the human eye. Depending on the healing method and the degree of frequency, they are referred to as the nervous system, meridians, Nadis, or even more subtle, purely spiritual energy channels. Like a network, they run through the entire human body system, and supplies it with vital force, Prana, Odem or Qi, another name for energy.

A particularly large number of energy channels run through the spine. The chakras, the subtle energy centres of the human being, are located where these channels intensify and intersect. The transport of various forms of energy is conducted through chakras, whereby the information is stored in the energy body. For example, light oscillation is absorbed at the crown chakra (at the top of the head) and brow chakra (between the eyebrows), and then converted and distributed throughout the entire energy body system.

If a chakra is unbalanced or compromised, the consequences can result in form of physical and mental disease. It can also manifest as emotional and physical stress.

The effect of Divine Straightening on energy blockages

We acquire particularly deep and formative blockages in the prenatal period. During the nine months in the womb we are like an open book in which various types of information is imprinted.

In this phase of our being and becoming, our energy pattern is shaped by thought and feelings of the parents-to-be, the family, and society. In addition, living conditions, and the place of residence together with planetary influences are stored. Depending on the quality of these vibrations, they can have encouraging or equally obstructing characteristics.

In general, we are not aware of these prenatal imprints, and the resulting blockages occurring later on in life, therefore they are not accessible to us. As a result, they have a particularly intense and extensive effect on us, and can throw us out of balance, hindering free access to ones own life potential.

Divine Straightening activates the energy systems of the body. It aims to work on all types of energy blockages, and at the same time increases frequency. The power of Divine Straightening impacts the current energy system of the human being, at the same time it also reveals the past, and releases these energy blockages of the prenatal period.

The effect of the main energy pathways

The two main energy pathways, the spine and the pelvis, are freed from energy blockages. The chakras are also realigned and thus brought into balance. Structural blockages, bad posture and misalignments can also be eased and released. In this way, through Divine Straightening, energy blockages inside and outside are synchronistically liberated.

As a result, people's inherent ability to heal themselves and its innate flow of life-energy returns. The transparency to receive spiritual impulses increases, strengthening the connection to the divine source, whereby spiritual supply becomes a free expression of this new order.


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