Divine Straightening®

The holistic nature of Divine Straightening

Divine Straightening reestablishes balance and spiritual order in physical, mental and emotional issues and concerns; it is the impulse for powerful regenerative- and self-healing processes.

In its form, and with its visible effects in spiritual healing, it is uniquely placed in the world. Many chronic illnesses wouldn’t need to exist if, in addition to medication, the term ‘medica mente - healing through the spirit’ would be at the forefront. What remedies heal indirectly, the spirit heals directly.

All over the world, and since 30 years, people have experienced this form of healing in its original form; known today as Divine Straightening. Initiated in 1989 by Alexander's father, the Russian spiritual healer Pjotr Elkunoviz, it has spread extensively through our national and international efforts, as well as through Alexander Toskar’s book Divine Straightening (Die Geistige Aufrichtung).

In English-speaking countries, Divine Straightening is also known under the term Spiritual Realignment. Both expressions have been founded and developed originally by Carolin and Alexander Toskar.

Divine Straightening reverberates, and enjoys great resonance all over the world. Already, it has come to help several hundred-thousands of people to enhance their healing and health.

The effect of the holistic healing process

Divine Straightening covers and includes the whole person in its Trinity of Body, Soul and Spirit.

Its aim is a holistic healing process. Its high frequencies actuates body-intelligence, and transforms the consciousness of cell-time structure. The chain of causes is eased, and what fell out of balance, due to discord in the past, can heal.

Divine Straightening happens in only one single encounter. Without body-contact, without manipulation; in a matter of seconds and completely painless. With great love for human beings and their lives, healing-energy is transmitted with great care.

The power of Divine Straightening penetrates human consciousness, and flows through the entire organism, the spine (the main energy channel), the nervous system, the glandular system and the organs. It has a liberating effect on the psyche, and an harmonising effect on the soul.

Impressions, made manifest as life patterns and blockages in the prenatal phase, can be overcome.

What happens when you straighten up

  • Release of blockages, conception- and life-patterns  
  • Establishing balance of physical and mental concerns, and emotional stress
  • Liberation and straightening of the spine
  • Spiritual pelvic curvature correction - without physical contact
  • Impulse of powerful regeneration and self-healing processes
  • Experience of a new internal and external order
  • Activation of life’s potential
  • Boost confidence and clarity  

Visible and noticeably straightened

Those seeking healing feel and see changes, already after a few moments, whilst still on the treatment couch. One woman reports: ‘This is spiritual realignment in the truest sense of the word. Physical healing is only the result. The essential has limitless depth. It is a resurrection into awareness. Divine Straightening is at work continuously and independently’.

Divine Straightening is a divine impulse that can change everything. During contact you feel in a pleasant state, and, at the same time you experience yourself at two levels of consciousness. Half of the time one identifies with the physical, the other half senses the unity in the wholeness of all being-ness. You touch the moment, where there’s no time, only Now. In this way, every person is led into this curative level of consciousness. Blockages and old, previously lived patterns, can dissolve, whereby the new, liberated life force is instantly noticed.


To be realigned means

  • To fully utilise your body’s intelligence and your own life’s potential
  • To feel healthy and whole
  • To develop more self-love
  • To develop positive and constructive thoughts
  • To recognise and respect one's own limits
  • To refine the senses
  • To live self-determined
  • To develop aptitudes and talents
  • To find to your own core-being

Everything depends on the spine

The spine has central- and multifaceted significance for our health. From a spiritual perspective, it is the largest energy-force distributor of the vertical flow in the human body system, It is closely related to our psychic and mental bodies. The entire functionality of human beings depends on the spine: the nervous system, organs, the glandular system, metabolism, respiratory and digestive organs, chakras and the steering points. By liberating and straightening your spine, you all will be suffused and strengthened with a new energy, life-force and vitality.

Two essential timelines are also stored in the spine - the prenatal period and the person's entire life plan. The energy of Divine Straightening flows through these timelines of our being, past impressions and blockages are loosened and released. But also imprints acquired in adulthood through illness, accidents, loss, divorce, unwanted changes of location, or occupation that impact on the entire body-heart-mind system and daily life that are imprinted in these energy-fields.

Back pain and poor posture of the spine

A free upright spine is essential for a successful, healthy and spiritual life filled with meaning and joie de vivre.

The shape of the spine reflects the habitual state of mind. Knowledge is stored in many idiomatic expressions that relate our emotional state and mental constitution closely to the spine, and connect intimately to the positions held, in the back, and to a obliquity or straight pelvis: e.g. being fickle or steadfast, to be sincere, to walk upright through life, or bend, to walk in the centre, or have fear sitting at the back of the neck; to strengthen someone's back, etc.

Up to 40% of people (in Europe) have back pain regularly, 20% of them chronic, and 70% suffer from back pain at least once a year. The most common cause of this lies in the pelvic obliquity, probably existing for many years, and in irregular or twisted spinal columns.

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Prenatal period

Already in the prenatal phase, energy patterns of the physical, mental and spiritual structure solidify. Imposed beliefs and emotional patterns manifest themselves in the conscious and subconscious, but also material influences and cosmic influences have an impact. They all interfere with the free flow of life force in the spine.

The body reacts to these influences and impressions, resulting in curvature of the spine that shifts and twists, so that blockages arise in the closely connected steering points. The soul is burdened, the flow of life stagnates, we experience physical and mental imbalance. This specific disharmony leads to further blockages and local pain, resulting in a chain-reaction being set-up that forms overall a bad physical posture.

These disturb the balance in the life-flow of the spine and create a recognisable expression:

  • Blockages in the spine
  • Displacement of the vertebrae and overloading of the intervertebral discs
  • Modified body statics, crooked neck, axial twist, shoulder blades of different heights
  • Pelvic obliquity, different leg-lengths
  • Mental and psychological complaints

All age groups are affected. Ailments and symptoms can be attributed to both physical and mental disorder. The liberation and straightening of the spine is therefore crucial for our health and spiritual development.

Who benefits through Divine Straightening

Everyone, regardless of age, health condition or cultural origin, can use this unique type of energy-work for their healing and development - children, adults and seniors, pregnant women, spiritual seekers and therapists.

Divine Straightening is also aimed specifically at healthy people, athletes, yoga practitioners, dancers, managers, because it has a preventive effect and serves to boost energy. The life potential is awakened and the life plan, which every person brings with them as a mandate, is expressed more clearly.

Widespread reasons for treatment

People come to us for a variety of reasons. Many suffer from acute or chronic ailments, such as back pain, herniated discs or other musculoskeletal problems. Others are looking for support and guidance, for example with stress, burnout, anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, headaches, cancer, allergies or cardiovascular diseases. Even people who feel overworked and exhausted, or who want a new start in life, will benefit through Divine Straightening.

With Divine Straightening we do not treat symptoms, we deal with levels of soul- spiritual causes. Because disharmonies arise first on the emotional-spiritual level.

These are triggered by imprints in the prenatal period, by (birth) trauma, inner blockages, negative beliefs and forced thought-identity that later in life manifest as pain, complaints or illnesses on the physical-material level. These energy patterns are effectively and comprehensively loosened-up and resolved.
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Experiences through Divine Straightening

Experience of Divine Straightening demonstrates the inseparable connectedness of our physical balance with our soul-spiritual balance, and with our living conditions.

A visitor at one of the healing days in Zurich reports: ‘I was allowed to receive Divine Straightening; since then my life has turned 180°. I can barely find words, or barely express myself to show my gratitude.’

Impressions, immediately after Divine Straightening, are very frequent: I feel lighter, more flexible, more supple, as if reborn. Old burdens are literally lifted from my shoulders. People also report on how specifically they have experienced the flow of healing-energy in individual areas of their body, e.g., as waves, billows, Light or warmth.

Charisma and its innate glow in human beings changes immediately, which can be seen particularly clearly in their shining eyes, the radiant face, together with a relaxed and harmonious well-being.

The experiences and changes are as diverse as the people who find us.
‘The quality of my sleep has improved significantly, one night after another. In my work-place I can set better boundaries, and find more clarity in my actions, and a lot more energy. For me, the experience of Divine Straightening was hugely beneficial. It was the best I could have done in all my life.’
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Upright, with both feet on the ground

After straightening of the spine and spiritually correcting the pelvis obliquity, people literally stand with both feet on the ground. They represent a more authentic way, expressing their view-point more clearly, thus developing newly found self- confidence in their lives, together with more balance and stability.

By liberating the spine, opening the chest and the Heart Chakra, fears and oppressive feelings can be released, allowing more lightness of being in joyful living. Moreover, everyone receives a spiritual ‘backbone’ which will provide them with new energy and decision-making power.


Through their Divine Straightening, many people experience that at last they have received the strength they needed to better manage difficult phases in their lives, or to make long pending decisions. Especially so in circumstances or projects that seemed stagnant, started moving. The right kind if inner activity leads to more awareness that then leads to fulfilment and a new kind of joie de vivre.

Strengthening the emotional body

Through Divine Straightening, the emotional body is fed with the life force, and in that way encourages well-being and self-confidence. The chakras, the energy centres along the spine are newly realigned, cleansed and activated. Whereby the higher potency and power contained in the chakras, have a strong and positive effect in people and their daily lives.

Describing her new perspective on life, one attendee shared ‘I feel like a newborn. I can sense this wonderful flow in my back, lying down, sitting, standing, and walking.’

The variety of change cannot be voiced theoretically or predicted; everyone’s experience is individual and personal. Spontaneous healing is possible at any time.

Read up; and for self-treatment

Divine Straightening by Alexander Toskar

With this book, Alexander Toskar presents, for the first time, the groundbreaking healing work and the fundamental laws of Divine Straightening.

Using many examples, it shown in what way healing energies proceed, and of how the life force is distributed in the human energy-field, and in people’s lives.

A selection of spiritual exercises enables readers to apply the basic spiritual laws of healing to themselves, and thus also support inner self-healing processes. The book is written equally, for the curious mind of a beginner, as well as for the spiritually experienced. The book is suitable as a tuning-in to the treatment, but also useful for reading after your own Divine Straightening has occurred. Because whoever has experienced Divine Straightening, is privileged to have felt what spiritual healing power entails, and would wish to experience and learn more, so to deepen their knowledge.

Especially in our materialistically orientated times, the book Divine Straightening and spiritual healing can exert a great fascination. Many people feel an up-liftment in energy, already whilst reading. The book has become a valuable orientation and spiritual guide for many readers.


'A unique masterpiece on the laws of spiritual healing and a wonderful guide to securing your own bodily and spiritual health.' 

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Divine Straightening

A fascinating documentary film about the impact of the mind on matter.

Carolin & Alexander Toskar have been writing an international success story with 'Divine Straightening' for many years. Their extensively documented healing work has garnered significant media attention worldwide.

The documentary film provides detailed insights into the healing work of 'Divine Straightening' and sheds light on the underlying spiritual laws. The application of this healing method in hospitals and orphanages is particularly unique. Additionally, the film features fascinating testimonials from well-known personalities such as Dr. Michael Beckwith, known from 'The Secret', and Rick Allen, the famous one-armed drummer of the band 'Def Leppard'. A conversation between Alexander Toskar and his father, the healer Pjotr Elkunoviz, reveals previously unknown knowledge about 'Divine Straightening'.

Furthermore, the film offers spiritual exercises that can be integrated into daily practice. As an additional highlight, there is another video featuring 3-Healing applications for everyday life.

"A vibrant, diverse film that touches the heart and mind."

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Disclaimer: The healer is neither practitioner nor naturopath. Divine Straightening is not work in a medical sense, but a spiritual process. The healer does not make any healing promises. The spiritual treatment does not replace a medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness or any suspect of disease. The attendance is voluntary.