Divine Straightening

Spiritual Healing

Carolin and Alexander Toskar

Divine Straightening® is recognised as a healing assistance for complaints of every kind. And passes the impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes. 


Many chronic illnesses wouldn’t need to exist, if next to regular medication 'Medica mente' meaning 'healing through the Divine spirit' stood in the foreground. What is healed indirectly by remedies is healed directly by the divine spirit.


Divine Straightening encompasses the whole human being in his trinity of body, heart and mind.

The transmitted healing impulses in their essence are the basis of an all-embracing healing on the physical, mental and spiritual level of our being. It creates the balance and spiritual order on physical, mental and emotional issues.



Visibly and noticeably

The transmitted healing impulses create a balance and spiritual order on physical, mental and emotional issues. The moment of Divine Straightening is a moment when we recognize the divine within us. People experience their inner communion with everything living and can become who we truly are - spiritually whole and healthy.


Those who come seeking health see and feel the changes on the treatment couch and days later. Thus a woman reports: ‚And it‘s still working. It never fails to bring a smile to my face, because it‘s also expanded what I believe is possible in life.‘


Effects: Freeing and straightening of the spinal column and spiritual correction of pelvic tilt without touching the body. Resolving of prenatal and life patterns, correction of the life axis, re-creation of the balance on physical and mental issues and emotional stress.


Divine Straightening works for everyone:

Children, adults, pregnant women, yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers and therapists. All people regardless of their cultural backgrounds or health condition.


I had the most extraordinary session, I was standing there with my eyes closed and I could literally feel the energy running down the whole of my spine...

It's 2 years later now and I have not been back at an Osteopath, I haven’t had any pain.

- Sara Davenport, founder of Breast Cancer Haven, London -


I had my personal experience with the Straightening and there was an immediate straightening and evening of my legs.

- Rev. Michael Beckwith, Agape, Los Angeles -


This burst of energy seems to have ‘xed’ my bendy spine...

I like to maintain that I am a rational sceptic but the next day any red eczema traces around my eyes were gone.

- Helen Croydon, author, journalist and broadcaster, London -


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Divine Straightening
New Dimensions in Spiritual Healing

By Alexander Toskar


The book has been written in a lively manner – reading is fun, gives positive energy and along the way introduces us to some major areas of energy healing and conscious ways of living. Worth reading!“


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Disclaimer: The healer is neither practitioner nor naturopath. Divine Straightening is not work in a medical sense, but a spiritual process. The healer does not make any healing promises. The spiritual treatment does not replace a medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness or any suspect of disease. The attendance is voluntary.

In English-speaking countries, Divine Straightening is also known under the term Spiritual Realignment. Both expressions have been founded and developed originally by Carolin and Alexander Toskar.