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Many in-depth considerations exist on spiritual healing, and also extensive data on the respective complaints for particular problems and topic; identifying causes in conventional medical, classical-alternative and spiritual healing, and approaches to health and healing. The following will describe this spiritual knowledge in detail.

Give yourself time for reading these texts, and experience already whilst reading, subtle internal transformation processes.

Energy Work

In all cultures, people used energy work to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities. Energy work is also valuable for present-day issues and challenges of our time, such as back pain, stress, burn-out. Spiritual healing also covers the energy body, but goes even further in its approach.
Here you will find detailed information on energy work and its positive effects »


Energy blockages

Energy blockages make themselves felt as tiredness, exhaustion, dejection, tension or stress. Divine Straightening activates the energy systems of the body. It aims to loosen and beak-up energy blockages »


Pelvic obliquity

A pelvic obliquity means being out of balance - mentally, emotionally and physically. Human beings find inner-outer balance again. A visible aspect of Divine Straightening is the liberation of the pelvic obliquity and its energy contained therein.
To more detailed information about the pelvic obliquity and its treatment »


Herniated Disc

A disc prolapse shows that a whole person’s system is out of order. Divine Straightening has an easing effect on the intervertebral discs. It does not treat the symptoms of the herniated disc, but rather its spiritual causes.

Here you will find information worth knowing, about the herniated disc from the perspective of spiritual healing »


Spinal curvature

The spine is the main central energy-channel in the human body. Any curvature of the spine, or deformation, leads to a blockages of life-energy’s flow. Through the power of Divine Straightening, the person frees herself from years of spiritual burdens, and noticeably aligns and straightens-up.
More on spinal curvature and its treatment »


Body intelligence

In daily life we often cease to listen to what the body signals of what it needs. We look for ways and means to continue performing our very best, even though we are tired and exhausted. Divine Straightening activates the brain functions in such a way that the body’s intelligence is strengthened and refined.

Here, read more about advantages of a better understanding of subtle messages and your body’s need, and on body-intelligence activation »

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