Healing Impulses for Body and Soul

'From a spiritual perspective, the spine is the support of life energy, the life plan and the chakras. If it is straight, we are healthy, free and in harmony', says Alexander Toskar. 

By René Tischler, GlücksPost


The spine is of key importance for our body as well as for our soul. As such, back pain is considered a widespread ailment, which causes suffering to more than half of individuals in German-speaking countries. 'The cause is due to a spine that is no longer upright and healthy,' says Alexander Toskar, the founder of Divine Straightening, which has already helped tens of thousands of people in many countries, providing not only physical, but especially spiritual and emotional benefits. It is well-known that the spine supports the entire skeleton of a human being, enables freedom of movement and connects the brain with the body. 


In addition however, it is also the superior control organ for every cell in the body and also for our feelings. Toskar explains this as follows: 'Negative thoughts and moods and even prenatal impressions, which become manifest in the human subconscious, can disrupt the balance of the life flow. As a result, the spine is shifted and twisted. Blockages in the associated control centres, misalignment of the body, illness and disharmony are the inevitable consequences.'


Divine Straightening has the effect of straightening the spine within a matter of seconds through a healing impulse. Astonishingly, this stimulates self-healing processes on the physical, emotional and also the subtle matter level of the chakras. In this way, spirit, soul and body are brought into balance. 



Following spiritual healing, the effects are visible and tangible 

Practice of Divine Straightening has shown that pelvic obliquity, which makes the left or right leg shorter or longer than the other, may also be expressed in mental or emotional blockages. For example, twisted or curved vertebrae can manifest themselves in anxiety or disorientation in one’s life.


'The straightening, which occurs from a distance or only through gentle, energetic touches, can eliminate such blockages as well as the physical misalignment and turn it into straightness,' says the Toskar couple from Zurich, who practice in many countries.


Alleviation or even the removal of back pain is very typical. Thus, for example, a teacher who was only able to reach her letterbox with much effort, was capable of hiking several weeks after the straightening. Successes can also be seen for athletes whose performance improves considerably through this method. Often, there are spectacular self-healing processes: headaches disappear, just like skin eczema or food allergies. One 71-year-old was able to see clearly again.


By René Tischler, GlücksPost, 21/2013

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