Correcting pelvic obliquity

Obliquity cause mental and emotional blockages

The pelvis is the centre of our body and serves as a supple connection between the spine and the lower extremities. It plays an important role in our upright posture and enables stability. The pelvis takes the weight of the body and transfers it evenly to the legs.

Our practice of Divine Straightening shows that a pelvic obliquity that makes the left or right leg shorter or longer is always expressed via mental or emotional blockages. People lack inner balance and steadfastness, as well as the strength to plan something or to endure something. The word 'Wankelmütigkeit' shows how closely body-mind is connected. If we stagger around physically, due to a pelvic obliquity, it is difficult for us to make clear mental decisions, and to "stand by" our decisions long term.

The decisive role in the build up of a pelvic obliquity, are emotional and mental patterns that imprint during the prenatal period. This data is stored, and subsequently expressed at all levels of our being. An evolutionary pelvic obliquity, also referred to as one that is naturally crooked in humans, hurls people out of balance.

Causes from a medical perspective

Structural pelvic obliquity

With a structural pelvic obliquity, sections of the skeleton are lengthened, or shortened. The different leg-lengths result due to the different leg-bones.

Causes for this can be asymmetrical bone growth, but also bone fractures, accidents and operations as well as prostheses and artificial hip joints. A congenital curvature of the spine (scoliosis) can also be responsible for a pelvic obliquity. Conversely, pelvic obliquity can also trigger scoliosis.

Structural misalignments of the pelvis are therefore of an anatomical nature. In medicine, they are 'remedied' through orthopaedic shoe-insoles, shoe heightening or operations.

Functional pelvic obliquity

A functional pelvic obliquity is an acquired misalignment of the pelvis. Triggers are tension, and shortening or hardening of the soft parts of the pelvis such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and fasciae. They arise from a lack of exercise, one-sided sitting or acquiring stress in daily life, or unbalanced sport’s gestures that overload certain parts, and neglect others. Most of the tension is in the lower back and buttocks, but then affects the physical well-being of the whole person. Pelvic obliquity is about 90% functional in its characteristics; they are treated conservatively, using manual therapies, physiotherapy and gymnastics designed for ill people.

On a physical level, pelvic obliquity can lead to pain and blockages, which already can show-up in adolescence, and then continues to increase into advanced age. Various problems and muscle tension from the pelvis upwards can result, such as back pain, headache, toothache, neck pain, shoulder pain up to developing sideways-curvature of the spine (scoliosis), can be results. From the pelvis downward, hip pain, sciatic pain, knee pain and ankle pain are often painful outcomes of pelvic obliquity.

The pelvis from a spiritual perspective

The pelvis is the mediator between above and below. Its functions are stabilisation, movement, balance, support and steadfast footing.

The lower half of the body is in direct contact with the earth and with the forces of the earth. It is geared towards privacy, calm and emotional stability. The upper half of the body, on the other hand, relates to social contact, self-assertion and moving forward.

Our feet and legs represent contact with the earth, reality and spiritual stability. The way a person stands on the ground often equates to the stability of his emotional- mental state. It represents character traits and properties such as stability, down-to- earthiness, agility in movement and lightness, and being present.

A pelvic obliquity causes loss of balance. It disrupts the flow of energy between the upper and lower parts of the body. The balance and exchange between the two poles of our being no longer takes place. Important aspects of life are blocked and stagnate in their development. As a result, people also stagnate in their growth and literally get more and more out of balance, both internally and externally.

It is therefore vital to rebalance the whole person - mentally, emotionally and physically. Through Divine Straightening, both poles, above and below, inside and outside, are strengthened, poised; enabling stretching out into life, and to our benefit.

Causes of pelvic obliquity from a spiritual perspective

Our spine, cell-consciousness and a special muscle in the pelvis, are the energetic bearers of the prenatal period and its imprints.

The so-called psoas (musculus psoas) is located deep in the body. It is part of the spiritual basin and is considered an evolutionary muscle. It is the oldest muscle in the human body, and has brought about the upright position that humans assume; from four-legged to two-legged and with an upright stride. The psoas muscle is connected to all 5 lumbar vertebrae, from the 12th thoracic vertebra to the thighbones via the pelvis. It therefore runs from the back of the body to the front and thus connects the subconscious and conscious.

Like a spiritual organ, the psoas is the carrier of all human life patterns and an important energetic mediator. Additionally it serves as a bridge between the interweaving of several layers, systems, and subtle dynamic features.

Effects of prenatal patterns

The psoas, also known as the soul-muscle, is a messenger of the inner core in humans. It holds and reveals our personal human experience from conception to the present day. Due to prenatal patterns and stored fears and worries, the psoas is almost always overloaded, shortened and tense, even at night.

From a spiritual point of view, the psoas has its counterpart in the brain stem, the oldest and deepest part of the human brain. The brain stem connects important parts of the central nervous system.

In lesser developed vertebrates such as reptiles, the brain stem makes up almost the entire brain and is therefore also known as the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain and thus also the corresponding psoas muscle contain essential core functions, such as the survival instincts - 'fight or flight’ - and in particular the principle of the will-to-heal.

Creating tension in the pelvic and lumbar area

Due to the correspondence between reptilian brain and psoas, primal fears, tension and stress manifest in the pelvis and lumbar region. A constantly tense psoas shifts the pelvis, squeezes nerves, causes lower back pain, constricts the connection to the organs and weakens the immune system. With its freeing and relaxation through Divine Straightening, ancient mental patterns are released, revealing the dormant potential in a person.

The workings of Divine Straightening

A visible aspect of Divine Straightening is the liberating aspect of the pelvic obliquity, and the energy-forces held within.

Divine Straightening works without touch, on levels other healing methods have not been able to reach until now, and restores the inner-outer balance. Old patterns, imprints and blockages, established in the evolutionary muscle psoas and in the cell consciousness during the prenatal period, are flushed through and released by the energy-flow. As soon as the healing impulse is set, those seeking healing feel and see the change, already on the treatment table.

Release of tension, relief of the pelvis

Tensions in the groin, psoas muscle, hip and ankle joints ease, a few moments after Divine Straightening, whereby new flexibility and vitality can return. The feet are photographed before and after Divine Straightening, so the person can grasp the new spiritual shift, together with the resulting new balance.

In addition to the release and mobility of the pelvis, stability and grounding improve; because as physical-spiritual beings, it is hugely importance to be firmly anchored in matter. With a steadfast position and clarity about where we stand, it is much easier to take new steps to face the future, and to know where it should and will lead us in our life plan.

Further, a spiritually upright person can reach-out towards higher spiritual worlds, with the newly acquired equilibrium and through activating life’s potential. This gives a person the power to receive energies from there, and implement them in everyday life.

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