Animal Treatment

Remote treatment for animals

Divine Straightening also creates balance and spiritual order for animals in diverse conditions. The treatment holds impetus of a powerful self-healing process.

The healing sequence is powerful and personalised, whereby spontaneous healing can occur at any time. Animal healing is a great support and essential relief for the animal, but often equally liberating for the animal owner and the whole family.

Possible subject areas for animal healing

  • Acute or chronic illness
  • Behavioural difficulties (aggression, auto-aggressions or fears)
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Injury or surgery
  • Issues in relation to other animals (pronounced dominance or subordination)
  • Diminishing eating disorder
  • Hair loss and much more


Treatment for Animals are done remotely. It includes two appointments via personal consultation.



You can book the treatment conveniently online Please provide a photo of the animal and a brief description of the complaints by email

Animal Treatment

50,00 €

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