Visible and tangible straightened

By Roman Katzer, newsage magazine


The Divine Straightening

Carolin and Alexander Toskar found worldwide acknowledgement as healer and authors. Divine Straightening with the initiation of the healing purpose forms the core of their healing and foundation work, which they fulfil with all their devotion. In autumn (2011) their film-documentation will be released, which will show impressively the impact of the spirit on the matter.


For more than 20 years people all over the world experience the spiritual healing method 'Divine Straightening' according to the initiator Pjotr Elkunoviz, Alexander´s father. This force is even transmitted into the human cell intelligence, into the trinity of body, soul and spirit. Divine Straightening creates the physical balance and the spiritual order at mental and emotional discomforts and is an initiator for powerful processes of selfhealing and awareness. The energy transmission happens without touching the body, within seconds.



Visible and tangible straightened

The straightening of the spine and the instantly visible correction of pelvic tilt are two central aspects of the Divine Straightening. Up to 40 % of the people in Germany complain about regular back pain and 70 % suffer at least once a year. The major cause lies in a curved or twisted spine and a year-lasting pelvic tilt. These abnormal postures are the physical expression of preceding disturbance patterns on spiritual - mental level. For the spine stores, comparable with a computer, all prenatal imprinting, life influences and belief patterns in form of micro shocks and blockages. Thus the liberation of the spine and the vital flow of the life force are decisive.


The power of Divine Straightening solves the ingrained patterns, the body frees itself from spiritual stress, that have been carried for years and years and visibly straightens up. “I sit here with a completely new spine-feeling – it is simply wonderful to be able to turn my head without pain”, is one of the numerous feedbacks. The control centres , organs and emotions connected to the spine are supplied with life force again and lead to more well being and confidence. Even the chakras, the spiritual energy centres along the spine become re-aligned, purified and activated. Higher skills and forces that they hold will be released and have deep influence on human and in everyday life.


Spiritual recovery

The great force and the high vibrancy of Divine Straightening go far beyond the physical straightening. It is also a spiritual wake up call, mission and ability at the same time. It is the method how the heart, the thoughts and the human life are getting transformed.


Carolin and Alexander learn every day, how clearly the individual life plan shows after giving the healing impulse and how big the spiritual extension is, which the people experience afterwards. That is what a participant reports: “Divine Straightening strongly extended end enlarged my awareness, the love, thankfulness and the confidence in the divine power and love.” And another client says: “Divine Straightening is this quite literally. The physical healing is only the consequence. The essence has a boundless depth. It is the resurrection into awareness. The effect of the Divine Straightening independently goes on and on.” The individual Divine Straightening unleashes completely new power within all humans, whereby they all contribute to the transformation of the collective awareness and thus to the well being of Society.


With the Spiritual Health Foundation that was founded in 2010 by Carolin and Alexander, they have committed to develop and promote spiritual healing and well being for children and dependent people. All foundation projects are supervised on a voluntary basis. In Thailand thousands of people in hospitals and orphanages have already experienced the Divine Straightening. In England they regularly accompany the program of Breast Cancer Haven, a London based day-care centre for people with breast cancer.

“When Carolin and Alexander offered us, to visit the London Haven, we were deeply touched. The changes of the participants were fascinating to watch …” Sara Davenport, the founder of the Haven reports. 


The Divine Straightening is a continuous process. Every cell gets fulfilled and vivified by it, the divine power is able to add new aspects and express itself. So that every human can become who they truly are – spiritually, whole and healthy.

By Roman Katzer, newsage magazine 5/2011

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