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We are happy to accompany you on your path to greater health and well-being.

We have been teaching the art of spiritual healing for 20 years in treatments, lectures, seminars and as authors in our books.


Divine Straightening® healing method supports you with its holistic effect on emotional, physical and life issues. Visible and unique. Our healer training and awareness courses deepen your knowledge of spirituality and strengthen your power healing potential - for yourself and others.


Spiritual life counselling to unfold your potential, energetic house clearing with a place of power and protection for your living space, bring you further harmony in your everyday life.


Experience spiritual healing in our institute in Munich, Cologne, Zurich or in a personal video session.

We take time for you and your concerns.


May every human become who he truly is -

spiritually, perfect and healthy.


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Healing treatments and seminars

Divine Straightening®

A divine impulse that serves as a healing aid for all kinds of issues and concerns, leading to powerful regeneration processes.


Experience this transformative healing treatment that not only addresses the physical body but also works on the subtle levels. Sessions in London, Bangkok and online.


Online sessions May - June

Spiritual Healer Training

Power up your energy! Experience and learn Spiritual Healing - for your own growth and to help others. Transform lives and promote well-being.


We provide theoretical and practical knowledge of spiritual healing in a light-hearted and accessible way.


Spiritual Healing level 1  Webinar 1 - 2 June 2024

Guérison Spirituelle 1  Avignon 20 - 21 juli 2024

Divine Straightening Documentary & DocuVideos

Find out more about our healer training. Watch interviews and the press conference and VIP healing in Bangkok.

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Charitable projects

Carolin and Alexander Toskar's charitable organisations aim to promote the spiritual health and well-being of children.


Spiritual Health Charity e.V., Cologne

Spiritual Health Foundation, Zurich

Spiritual publications

Carolin and Alexander Toskar have been writing a phenomenal success story with Divine Straightening (also known as Spiritual Realignment) in Europe, Asia and the USA for many years.


Their books serve as valuable spiritual guides for people all over the world.

What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the oldest art of healing in human history. It has been used as a healing tool on an ailing humanity for thousands of years.

Healers who performed so-called miracles existed at all times. ‘Miracles do not occur in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to what we know about nature - up to now’ (St. Aurelius Augustine). Today's society is in the wake of embracing spiritual healing more consciously then at any previous time.

Everyone can benefit from spiritual healing no matter what ailments, regardless of whether young or old, whether the issues are acute or chronic. Even healthy people, who wish to maintain their health, or who foster demanding professional or private lives, use spiritual healing for support and personal development.

All life is determined by Spirit. Spiritual healing does not heal from the periphery, the physical, but from the spiritual core-centre. Body, mind and spirit are not separate, but inter-connected and mutually inter-penetrable. Every cell and organ has its spiritual counter-part interwoven, with which it determines its function and form.

In looking at the spiritual, the healer sees the physical and soul-body in its spiritual formation. Spiritual healing addresses the deeper levels of causes, so to set new healing impulses there.

Establishing unity of body, mind and soul

Spiritual healing means being healed, becoming whole, and restoring the unity of body, soul and spirit, as well as uniting with the world around. The innate inner being, concealed behind the outer, is awakened, so to feel secure again in its unity of life.

Healing through spirit is therefore not a ‘miracle’ in the sense of breaking natural laws, but is a truthful procedure, by which self-created obstacles loosen and dissolve in an innate physical and mental harmony, and withdraw without therapeutic intervention. For the purpose of renewal, restoration and perfection, spiritual healing begins - as the word indicates - in Spirit, from which it acts on the soul, and through it on the cells and organs of the body.

The purpose of spiritual healing is to regain inner equilibrium as the basis for living, so that spirit can influence the body, rather then be governed by the body’s attempt to control spirit.

Guiding principles of our work

  • Every spiritual healing is proof of an active presence of the Divine * - irrespective of how it unfolds
  • The nature and severity of illness has no place before God
  • Body, mind and spirit are intrinsically linked. In this way, working with the body and its energy-life-force means touching spirit that reciprocates
  • Don’t say yes to health, to then continue living in the old negative mindset
  • If necessary, accept medical help in addition to spiritual healing, just as medical doctors might wish to accept spiritual healing as a complement to aid their work, as they are also aware that it is not them who heals, but the inner medic and healer
  • Never question the divine power of healing, but rather affirm and trust it as a certainty. Keep open, and make yourself available for the assured help from above
  • The aim of spiritual healing is holistic redemption, up to the recognition of Know Thyself of ones true nature that is beyond illness and suffering

Spiritual healing is not a treatment in the medical sense, but a spiritual process. The spiritual giving of the impulse is extra potent in this, the more unconditional the work of the spiritual healing-power is affirmed.

Training to become a spiritual healer

Thanks to new knowledge and spiritual inspiration, we continue to develop our longstanding healing work in the art of spiritual healing. In addition to Spiritual Alignment, services include remote healing, mental healing, spiritual alchemy, aura- surgery, crystal healing and 3-Healing.

3-Healing is a new form of spiritual healing. It serves as a path to spiritual health, resolving stressful everyday-issues, promoting mental, emotional and physical health, as well as increase of power. Healer seminars »

Divine Straightening

New Dimensions in Spiritual Healing 

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Principles for Spiritual Health in Everyday Life. With energy cards. 

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Health as a Path

A handbook of healing and health-care in everyday life

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