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Spiritual Healing with Carolin & Alexander Toskar

We warmly welcome you!

We are happy to accompany you on your way to more health, harmony and wellbeing. 


Divine Straightening® spiritual healing method supports you with its holistic effect on emotional, physical and life issues. People come to Carolin ans Alexander for different reasons. Many are suffering from chronic or acute back complaints, others are seeking help for allergies, depression, anxiety, cancer, high blood pressure or diabetes, to mention only some of these. But also people who are feeling exhausted and overloaded are coming to the healing session.


Visit our healing day in Munich, Cologne, Zurich or London. Or experience spiritual healing in a personal video therapy.


May every human become who he truly is –

spiritually whole and healthy


Carolin & Alexander Toskar


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Divine Straightening passes the impulse for powerful regeneration- and self-healing processes.


Experience spiritual healing with Carolin and Alexander in Munich, Cologne and Zurich, London, Los Angeles and Bangkok.

Treatment in case of acute issues, mental or emotional encumbrances. With activation of the self-healing potential to support spiritual health. 


Videotherapy via Skype or FaceTime 

Our charitable organizations to support the development and promotion of the spiritual health and well-being of children and dependent adults.


Spiritual Health Charity

Spiritual Health Foundation

Divine Straightening

New Dimensions in Spiritual Healing

By Alexander Toskar

Within these pages, you will discover a unique masterpiece on the laws of spiritual healing and a wonderful guide to securing your own bodily and spiritual health. 

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Health as a Path

A handbook of healing and health-care in everyday life. By Carolin and Alexander Toskar.

The book is a wonderful and wise companion for everyday life. It enables everyone to contribute to his or her own health in an uncomplicated way.


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Principles for Spiritual Health in Everyday Life.

By Carolin and Alexander Toskar


To support mental, emotional and physical health.

With illustrations and energy cards. review


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Inner & outer alignment read

Do good feel good read

Are they just pulling my leg? read

A particle of the cosmic wheel of life read

Spiritual Healing videos