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Spiritual Healing sessions


Do you want to improve your health, increase your energy or find a new direction in life? Do you want to release old mental burdens such as negative habits and thought patterns in order to align with your true purpose and inner self?


Divine Straightening is a divine impulse that acts as a healing aid for various issues and concerns, triggering profound regeneration processes.


Divine Straightening® and follow-up sessions

Follow-up treatment for those who have met Alexander and Carolin in the past. For chronic conditions, mental and emotional stress, or as a holistic harmonisation of body and life.


Experience a transformative healing treatment that not only targets the physical body but also works on subtle levels. Book your VIP Healing Sessions in Bangkok.

VIP Healing Sessions

Jan - Feb 2024

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Press conference from January 12th 2024

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Line : @dmgbooks (ตลอดเวลา)

หรือโทร. 02-685-2255

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3-Healing Masterclass

3-Healing Masterclass workshop

18 February 2024


Enhance your skills through the learning of 3-Healing, Mental Healing and Chakra Healing. Learn how to send healing energies remotely. This seminar also activates and strengthens your own self-healing power. We provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge of spiritual healing in a light-hearted and accessible way.



Line : @dmgbooks (ตลอดเวลา)

หรือโทร. 02-685-2255

📳 092-956-1145 (คุณนก)

📳 098-268-6813 (คุณหยก)

Divine Straightening Documentary

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About us

For the past 18 years, together with the Thai Ministry of Health (Ministry of Public Health, MOPH), Carolin and Alexander regularly visited hospitals in Thailand’s provinces. Here they spiritually treat patients, nurses and doctors, as well as give training in spiritual healing. During the numerous visits Carolin and Alexander have been able to gain much insight into the Thai healthcare system, and thus have learned about the professional care patient-support, as well as of an openness to complementary healing methods.

ToskarHealing office



Remote healing sessions


A particle of the cosmic wheel of life
A travel- and healing account of Alexander and Carolin Toskar


Do good feel good


A Path to Healing
By Siripong, Phuketindex Magazine


Finding Inner Peace


Divine spinal guidance
By Aree Chaisatien, The Nation

แคโรลิน และอเล็กซานเดอร์ ทอสการ์


3-Healing Principles

แค่รู้จัก 3 หลัก สมดุลชีวิต สุขภาพกายและจิต ดีขึ้นชั่วพริบตา


Health as a Path

หยุดโรคร้าย! ด้วยใจคุณ 



(Divine Straightening)


DVD พลังจิตรักษาโรค

Palangjit Raksa Roke


Healing Meditations

for Everyday Life



Toskarhealing พลังจิตรักษาโรค Thai TV

Woody Tuen Ma Kui วู๊ดดี้ตื่นมาคุย (Morning with Woody)

Toskarhealing Thai hospital พลังจิตรักษาโรค

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