Spiritual Healing Services

Spiritual healing work offers everyone the opportunity to develop on a spiritual level and to maintain or regain physical health. We perceive people as a whole in their body-soul-spirit unity and work holistically on health issues and personal life issues.

Healing work as we practise it is strengthening, liberating, loving and powerful at the same time. It is suitable for all age groups and concerns, including healthy people, children, athletes and therapists to raise energy levels and prevent health problems.

Spiritual healing work is particularly supportive in crisis situations, reorientation phases, career changes, separations, upcoming decisions, family conflicts, questions of meaning, grief and much more.

Many people also come to us with typical complaints that arise directly or indirectly from blockages in the energy channels, as well as a curvature of the spine and different leg lengths.

Our spiritual healing work follows universal, highest healing principles and our decades of successful work for people worldwide. People seeking help from all faiths and world views find what they are looking for here and what unites all people - the desire for harmonious relationships, health, fulfilment and meaning in their own lives.

Divine Straightening Session

Divine Straightening (also known as Spiritual Realignment) is a healing aid for issues and complaints of all kinds. It encompasses the whole person and straightens their spiritual spine, resulting in a holistic healing of the body-heart-spirit system.

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Follow-up treatment

The accompanying follow-up treatment is particularly suitable for people who want support and further enhancement of their self-healing powers. We support you with acute issues, mental or emotional stress.

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Remote healing

Spiritual realignment treatment and follow-up treatment by video, telephone or photo.

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Spiritual life counselling

Counselling for changes in various areas of life, such as partnership, health, career and vocation. Via video. Learn more »

Our further healing services

Animal Healing

Remote healing for animals for all kind of issues, with impulse for powerful self-healing processes.

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Energy Home Clearing

Energetic cleansing for your home and protection of your living accommodations with remote healing.

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