Chakra Meditation

Harmonising the subtle energy system

Healing meditations for daily life stimulate the entire subtle-system of human beings, to thrive harmoniously after Divine Straightening, and the activation of healing power. Since the human being is much more than her visible physical body. He is spirit, he is soul; he or she has been gifted with the physical body, together with responsibility to maintain its health.

A healthy body requires not only physical, but especially spiritual nourishment. Here, the Chakras, which are closely linked to the spine, offer important energetic access. The Chakras receive special attention, at our healing sessions and healer seminars.

What is a Chakra?

Chakras (Sanskrit 'wheel') are the entrance gates through which energy is absorbed and distributed throughout the various bodies. Chakras absorb universal life-force (Prana, Chi), which they break down into its components, then distribute via subtle energy lines (nadis) to the nervous system, endocrine glands and the bloodstream, in order to nourish the body.

Everything in the body is connected to these energy centres. Chakras at the front of the spine determine the emotions. Their counterparts at the back, direct the will. The three Chakras in the head and neck area control the intellect, reason, and mental processes.

Chakra-Colours and -Shapes

Chakras are shaped like a cone. By way of its rotation, energy is absorbed through the front and back. Whilst the Crown-Chakra draws-in the energy from above, the Root-Chakra sucks-in energy from below.

Each Chakra has tiny rotating vortices that spin at very high speed. The colour of each chakra is created of its own energy frequency that is converted, then and there, into its own speed of rotation. The Root-Chakra is red, after which the ascending chakras display all the colours of the rainbow, up to purple at the Crown-Chakra. By way of consistently increasing the light quotient, our vibrational frequency spirals up, whereby all energy centres unite to form a pillar of light.

Each of our five senses is assigned to one of the Chakras. Our sense of touch is linked to the Root-Chakra, hearing, smell and taste represents the Throat-Chakra, our ability to see belongs to the Brow-Chakra, the Third Eye. At the same time, each chakra is associated with a particular subject of personal growth.

The 7 Chakras and their meaning

Crown-Chakra Sahasrara

Position: above the vertex

Basic principle: Universal wisdom, knowledge

Balance: knowledge, revelation, enlightenment - untouched by the negative

Imbalance: lack of awareness, psychoses

Brow-Chakra, Ajna

Position: in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes
Basic principle: clairvoyance, truth, consecration, devotion
Balance: power of understanding, the all-seeing eye
Imbalance: doubt, pride, spiritual stagnation

Throat-Chakra Visuddha

Basic principle: communication, intellect, intuition, wisdom
Balance: power of the word, power to materialise
Imbalance: abuse of power, envy, avarice, lack of articulateness

Heart-Chakra Anahata

Position: between shoulder blades
Basic principle: universal love, compassion, individuality

Balance: empathy, unconditional love
Imbalance: sadness, indolence, laziness, selfish-love

Solarplexus-Chakra Manipura

Position: above the navel
Basic principle: collective consciousness, healing power, devotion, worship
Balance: peace, willpower, self-determination
Imbalance: excess pleasure and greed, fear and anger

Sacral-Chakra Svadhisthana

Position: above the pubic bone
Basic principle: creative power, forgiveness, transformation
Balance: patience, fertility, self-confidence
Imbalance: aversion, resentment, anger, nervousness, fear

Root-Chakra Muladhara

Location: at the base of the spine
Basic principle: vital force, will to live, basic trust, inanimate matter
Balance: purity, down to earth, inner and outer stability
Imbalance: lust and passion, egocentrism, insecurity

There are other transpersonal chakras above the head that connect us to our higher self.

Additional Chakras

In addition to the main Chakras, there are twenty-one minor Chakras:

Respectively one in front of each ear, respectively one at the upper half of the chest, one between the collarbones, one each in both palms of the hands, and one each at the soles of the feet, one behind each eye; respectively one at the sex glands, one linked to the liver, one the stomach, two assigned to the spleen, one each in the hollows of the knees, one on the thymus gland, and one in contact with the Solar-Plexus. The two Chakras in your hands are most important for healing, as your inner power flows through these, linking you with cosmic energies, the light-stream of eternal supply.


For further reading

You find more detailed information on the characteristics and powers of the Chakras in our

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Energy-transfer via the spine

The spine holds the largest vertical power-flow, as well as represents the central channel of light. Purified and fully activated Chakras, enable a perfect transfer of energy through the spine and body, resulting in health and vitality.

Effects of blocked Chakras

Due to blockages and prenatal patterns affecting the spine, our Chakras are impaired in their function from birth. Additionally, twisting and warping of the spine causes, not only displacement of the vertebrae, but also shifts the Chakras. As a result, its original alignment and initial position cannot operate to its full capacity. Therefore, energy flowing through Chakras is hindered and slow on the uptake.

Consequently, Chakras are often inactive and the flow of life-force impaired. By changing their colours to reflect the accrued imbalance, Chakras respond to negative thinking and feeling in the same way as the auric field (Aura).

Energy-flow through liberated Chakras

Thanks to liberating and straightening the spine, the seven Chakras are brought into a 'New Order'. The spine receives its correct curvature, Chakras are realigned, cleansed and newly activated, so that life-energy can flow freely. Abilities and powers contained in the Chakras are released and redeemed, therefore will function afresh.

Our Chakra-Meditation on the healing day

At the healing day and seminars, we deal particularly intensively with three central Chakras (energy centres), which respectively represent an aspect of the Trinity of body, soul and spirit: Solar-Plexus, Heart-Chakra and the Brow-Chakra (third eye).

To harmonise the body, heart and soul system, Alexander acts according to the individual’s need and subject matter. When he treats a client’s Brow-Chakra, ideas flow more easily, followed-up by appropriate action to be materialised in the physical.

People clearly feel and experience subtle energies when they are being attended to. ‘I also had the feeling that my Chakras were being balanced and that someone pulled gently on my feet,’ says Renate from Northern Germany.

After Divine Straightening, at the healing day, everyone receives a link to access their healing power, which awakens the healing potential to supply the client with harmonising healing-energies on a daily basis. According to Indian Chakra teaching, there are important secondary chakras in both hands; centres with high energy concentration, through which we can direct the flow of our innate healing power.

With individual sessions on the couch and online treatments, Alexander initiates a Chakra Meditation at the end of the treatment and supports this with further energy transfer. With the Chakra healing on the couch, Alexander strengthens the client's powers and energies to support self-healing, especially in regard to clarity, self- confidence and self-love.

Find out more about personal healing treatment on healing days or via remote healing »

Chakra Harmonisation

  • Put one hand on the Root-Chakra, the other on the Brow-Chakra
  • Intuit and feel into it, up until you sense equal power-flow of energy in both hands
  • Then direct both hands to the Sacral-Chakra and Throat-Chakra
  • Linger and immerse yourself in the energy between both hands
  • Afterwards, harmonise the Solar Plexus-Chakra and the Heart-Chakra
  • Release your hands and place them on your thighs
  • Remain in meditative silence for a few moments

Chakra Meditation at home

Once you apply Chakra Meditations inside your self-treatment on a regular basis, the inner flow of the divine vibrational force can be clearly felt and perceived. It therefore benefits your initiative as well as gaining trust in your own recovery.

Every day is favourable to start practising with Chakra Meditations. Initially, use a few minutes each day with this spiritual practice. Always meditate at the same time, preferably twice a day, mornings and in the evening, at the same place. At a later stage, you will be able to stretch the time a little longer.

Meditate in the evening or in the morning?

In the morning the Chakra Meditation nourishes you with life-energy for the day, so that it will be easier to stay ‘in your centre’ to go through the day happy and self- confident. Also, your wishes and plans, projects and daily events will flow more harmoniously.

In the evening, before bedtime, release issues of the day by consciously reflecting and clearing the day with one of the Chakra Meditations. Free yourself from all concerns and expectations, and trust that everything that turned-up for you is best for you.

It is quite normal to have difficulties (from time to time) to meditate, to quietly observe thoughts, feelings, and your intentions. Call upon your deeper aspiration, rather then obligation. Then, sit (or lie) again, for a few minutes, the next day with new strength. If restless thoughts come-in, or you experience difficulties during meditation, just start by concentrating on the Light: first you are in the light, then the light is in you, and finally you are the light. Safeguard the light in your heart for the whole day, or wear it as a smile, and send it to the people you meet.

Our recommendation of the most valuable Healing Meditations

Chakra Meditation can be practiced while sitting on a chair, or on a meditation cushion. It is important that the shoulders are relaxed and that breathing flows well. Make sure that your feet are consciously grounded (if you are practicing in the chair), and keep your spine upright. If possible, avoid irritating noises, whilst keeping your room well ventilated. You could enhance the mediation with beautiful instrumental music or a scent. Allow yourself to be enriched by the high vibrational Chakra Meditations.

Tip: Basic position in Meditation 

Meditation is a very helpful tool with which to gradually acquire a state of inner balance and harmony. It is a process that takes place inside a person, but can also be seen as alignment towards the Centre. Research has shown, that patients, trained in meditation can find inner balance, irrespective of severe physical pain.

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