An encounter with Carolin and Alexander Toskar

By Norbert Classen, newsage magazine


The Divine Straightening does not only enjoy growing popularity in Germany – actually all over the world this method - which is actually no method, but a kind of energy transmission or reprogramming – has helped several ten thousand people. Originally initiated by Alexander's father, a Russian Healer, the Divine Straightening increasingly spreads through the work of his son Alexander Toskar and his wife Carolin. We met them both in our editorial office to learn more about this.


“Many chronic illnesses wouldn’t need to exist, if next to regular medication Medica mente meaning “Healing through the Divine spirit“ stood in the foreground“, writes the author and Healer Alexander Toskar.  Because, what is healed indirectly by remedies is healed directly by the divine spirit. The Divine Straightening with spine healing encompasses the whole human being. It aligns the spirit, cleanses the soul, straightens the spine and creates harmony with the universe. This new life program happens simultaneously on many levels from which the overall healing of heart – mind – spirit – body unfolds.“


These lines and the many reports of people, who the Divine Straightening has helped in many ways, have raised my curiosity and I am happy, that Alexander and Carolin Toskar follow the invitation to visit us at our editorial office. At their arrival I feel pleasantly surprised: both seem exceedingly down to earth, straight and modest at the same time. Pleasant, uncomplicated people who make it very easy to develop an exciting conversation about the Divine Straightening. Alexander explains to me that their work centres on the human spine – not only the physical, but mainly the spiritual spine. “From the spiritual perspective the spine is the biggest vertical carrier of the voltage of life within the human body system“, he says.  It is closely associated with our entire physical and mental bodies and marks the inner connection with our higher nature.


We talk about the Kundalini, which is according to Indian philosophy also located at the basis of the spine and whose rise through the backbone is generally linked with the process of enlightenment; and we also talk about other ancient and modern sources emphasizing the spine. “The philosophy of the ancient rituals also plays an important role for the Divine Straightening“, Alexander explains. “But for many of our clients spirituality is a completely new issue“. And Carolin adds: “many people initially come to see us for orthopedic discomforts and many others, even for mental problems“. Just like yoga practitioners, alternative doctors and other health care professions, which are also drawn to the Divine Straightening. Just as various as the people who come to Alexander and Carolin Toskar are their problems: from chronic back complaints such as Morbus Scheuermann or slipped discs up to problems, that initially seem to have nothing to do with the spine, such as allergies, anxiety, depression, cancer, high blood pressure or diabetes. Alexander tells me about a woman, who was suffering from heavy asthma and who recovered completely after only one treatment within 8 weeks – something that even amazed her doctor. “Even the blood parameters changed“, Carolin and Alexander assure me and explain further, that those healing effects are the result of the release of energy and the clearance of blockages through the Divine Straightening, that obviously changes the life fundamentally, also in mental aspects.



While we are talking about the Straightening, it occurs to me, that the general linguistic usage also knows many meanings in terms of “to straighten up“, “to think crooked thoughts“ or “to buck“. Obviously, on a subconscious level we intuitional know about the meaning of the straightening and the “straightforwardness”, without giving ourselves account in our daily routine. The Toskars confirm first-hand that i.e. a scoliotic pelvis goes along with energetic blockages, which often express themselves as mental blockages. Or those vertebral rotations can manifest as disorientation in life. The Divine Straightening releases those blockages just as the mental defective positions and turns them into straightness –literally as well as figuratively. In this context Alexander Toskar quotes the biblical sentence: “The crooked shall be made straight“ and speaks about the Divine Straightening as straightening of the life-axis. “The way is made smooth to prepare for the creator and for the vital force“, he emphases. Just like this it was also for Alexander’s father, who suffered from a severe abrasion of the spine due to a scoliotic pelvis. “His back problem became so extreme that he was barely able to move“, Alexander recalls. Seeking for healing Pjotr received a very strong healing power at the age of 40. Not only has he found that he was able to heal himself, he was also capable to heal and straighten others.


Alexander and Carolin have founded centres in Munich and Zurich, where they devotedly accompany others on their way to more health and contentment. Furthermore, they travel a lot – i.e. in Thailand, where they even had the opportunity to do live TV broadcasts and hold speeches at the health ministry. Not without cause, since the Toskars already had proven the effectiveness of the Divine Straightening under medical survey and with permission of the Thai Public Health Ministry senior health supervisor, who runs the resort for alternative healing methods. The potency was also proven with a young policeman who had been shot a couple of months before by Malay terrorists and had been unable to walk ever since. The medical diagnosis said “paraplegia”. 4 months after Alexander had initiated the Divine Straightening on him, his own body intelligence had increasingly taken on the healing work, he could lift his legs a few centimetres again. This and similar experiences have made the Toskars humble and they report with great devotion about their work. Such as about their recent visit to Los Angeles, where they supported the foundation of Rick Allen, the Drummer of the rock band Def Leppard. Before that, they’ve helped Rick, who had been suffering from severe back problems consistently after a heavy car accident and enabled him thanks to the Divine Straightening and a distant healing session to play a show with his band the same evening.


Just before I could ask a final question what they both hope for the future, Alexander explains, that he wishes for all of us that we get more options within the health system. Especially the Toskars proof again and again, that established medicine and spiritual healing approaches don’t have to be hostile and both should contribute to people’s benefit. In this spirit they also are about to launch a foundation in Switzerland and provide awareness training. Alexander explains for example, that the causes for existing problems with our live axis often lie in the prenatal phase, such as shock experiences during pregnancy, that have an impact on the embryo. Children are often born with a scoliotic pelvis”, he emphases and asks for more attention and awareness of these facts. Of course, it’s not always easy to initiate such changes in consciousness, he admits and says in the same breath: “Difficulties just belong to it – it’s just not possible without resistance – without air drag an aircraft wouldn’t be able to fly and without water resistance a boat couldn’t swim.

By Norbert Classen, newsage magazine 1/2010

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