3-Healing Meditation *

daily at 9pm, your local time

For the light, for love, for the power of the Divine on earth.

I reprogram to light, love and power frequencies and thus to the divine plan:



clarity, confidence and creativity in the spirit


compassion, harmony and peace in the soul


vitality, health and relaxation in the physical


May I be filled with loving kindness,

may I be well,

may I be peaceful and at ease,

may I be happy.


For the light, for love, for the power of the Divine on earth.

You can download antibodies-symbol on any device.*


It works in the heart and in the mind.

And it harmonises and activates the self-healing energies.


Look at your the antibodies-meditation-symbol without blinking.

If the eyes start to tear, they are cleaned of the tear fluids.

Then close your eyes and notice the light. This gaze exercise can be repeated a few times.


Then stay in meditation.


- Carolin and Alexander -


*Note: The symbol is not a remedy in a medical sense, but a spiritual support. This 3-healing meditation is to be understood as an accompanying spiritual measure and does not replace a medical treatment, neither hygiene measures nor protective measures. The application is voluntary.