3-Healing Meditation *

daily at 9pm, your local time

For the light, for love, for the power of the Divine on earth.

I reprogram myself to light, love and power frequencies and thus to the divine plan:



clarity, confidence and creativity in the Spirit


compassion, harmony and peace in the Soul


vitality, health and relaxation in the body


May I be filled with loving kindness,

may I be well,

may I be peaceful and at ease,

may I be happy.


For the light, for love, for the power of the Divine on earth.

You can download the antibodies-symbol on any device.*


It works for the heart and mind.

It harmonises and activates the self-healing energies and power dynamics.


You are invited to look at the antibodies-meditation-symbol without blinking.

If your eyes start to water, they will be deeply cleansed with the fluids.


Then, close your eyes and be aware of the light.

This gaze exercise can be repeated a few times.


Then stay in silent meditation.



- Carolin and Alexander -

*Note: The symbol is not a remedy in a medical sense, but a spiritual support. This 3-healing meditation is to be understood as an accompanying spiritual measure and does not replace a medical treatment, neither hygiene measures nor protective measures. The application is voluntary.